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Daily Journey

Monday, April 29, 2013

Playdates With God~ Spring gifts/surprises & April Joy Dare

Spring gifts/surprises

Day 22~ Spring gifts/surprises sitting in the living room relaxing this morning and looking up and seeing hubby in sunglasses serving us coffee; then sitting down and watching TV with them on. I still am laughing over that one. Great surprise! Getting a load of laundry done early today. Getting out in the beautiful sunshine and walking around and to the post mart as well as the salon supply. Got another bag which I love. Then out to dinner for a lovely Italian dinner at Giuseppe's. Love it! Sitting in the car trying to fix rear view mirror. Not sure that is a gift expect I'm glad it did it in the drive way and not while I was driving. A lovely Spring evening.

Day 23~ Spring gifts/surprises woke up much earlier than I thought. So was able to take my time to getting ready for work this morning. Had two clients this morning; then I got my hair fixed. What a wonderful blessing that was. Not to mention the prayer time and fellowship. The best! Then another haircut. Love making the ladies feel special and as beautiful as they are. I also got a phone call for an outside client to come on Thursday for a hair cut. YEA! The sunshine was out warming me. Love it! Then I found some important paper work. Dinner with hubby was chicken wings. Micky and Pat Holzbach cam by so love seeing them. Lovely little visit. They both bring joy to our hearts here in our home. An evening drive was beautiful as well. It was an awesome day!

Day 24~ Spring gifts/surprises getting up and getting some well needed cleaning done. Still so much more to go. It is the start of spring cleaning in this house. always full of surprises. The beautiful sunshine outside that I opt to not sit and enjoy for spring cleaning. This is a huge surprise as I have waited for this for so long. Small walks in the beautiful weather. Huge surprise was even though they said rent wouldn't go up. It really did! I am thankful to have a place to pay rent on. A short nap this afternoon was wonderful; just wish it had been longer. Looking towards a quiet evening.......

Day 25~ Spring gifts/surprises today is an extremely hard day. The smiles and love poured out to the people I love so much who have a huge hole left in their heart today. The prayers that cover ore than I can ever dream or imagine in my life time. The smiles of the ladies at the salon today. The beautiful sunshine that brings warmth in so many ways to a body heart and soul. A friendship that crosses the miles and leaves an imprint for a life time. Phone calls that you can cry and laugh and hold one another even through the distance. Gods undying love for us. Thank you for the smile's and love even when its hard Lord.

Day 26~ Spring gifts/surprises awaking early enough to get dressed and use the vanity area before hubby got up. A wonderful gift indeed. The beautiful morning sunshine that I had the pleasure driving to work in. Finding my list of clients had grown over the week. Getting all the ladies and gents looking fabulous for another week. Stopping by Goodyear and having them help me with rear view mirror. It will be back up and working by Sunday afternoon. Yea! long process to do it properly. Small walk in the afternoon sun. Loving this warmer weather it is a gift! Dinner and kitchen cleaned. Taking pictures of the beautiful flowers in the garden at work today. Makes me wish I had a garden. It has been a very wonderful as I enjoyed the sunshine.

Day 27~ Spring gifts/surprises So many gifts opened today with many surprises I wouldn't even know where to start. So I will say it has been a fun filled day of memories made with family and friends. Mary McCormick Loomis picked me up early this morning for a road trip to the The Dalles for the Cherry Festival and other activities. What fun! Lots of pictures taken with my new camera; that I still cannot figure out. I so do need to read the book or take a class. Maybe should do both. Eat yummy food all day long. Walks in the beautiful sunshine. Laughter there and back. Scenic routes and old highways. What a great way to spend a Spring day!

Day 28~ Spring gifts/surprises Hubby taking me out for breakfast was most definitely a gift and a surprise both. It was a nice time and meet some of his guy friends. Meeting with Vanda Cummings today as she was driving through to her grandchildren. Delivered her Mary Kay to her and had a lovely visit. Felt like we had known each other forever. She brought me lovely flowers. Smell wonderful too! Hubby cooking dinner! Sweet! It has been a wonderful day.

April Joy Dare:

22~ 3 Gifts close
Hard for me today or I should say tonight.
1) The car part stores where closed that I wanted open tonight. Not sure if I see this as a gift. Unless I take to Goodyear tomorrow after work. Then I don't have to deal with it.
2) My close friends that make me feel like a million
3) Making my votes on Dancing with the Stars before the vote closes.

23~ 3 Gifts reflecting

This one made me smile an laugh when I read this one this morning. As reflecting is something I have been doing the last few days.
1) One of the reflecting moments was when I was speaking with my daughter Nick Racheal Perry and was wondering if I had made the right choices many years ago. It was some reflection. Of course not one that can be changed. But......I know I made the right one for me at the time. Even if it didn't feel like it to some of my family that I love so very much.
2) Reflection and time of sharing during prayer time when I was getting my hair done today. Melody is quite a lady and quite a prayer warrior. I was surely blessed and opened up in ways I never thought I would with someone I didn't know that well. It was God! Good reflection.
3) My evening drive as I was reflecting on recent decisions and choices I have been making.
Do you do a lot of reflecting? What are your reflecting gifts?

24~ 3 Fragile gifts
1) MY ankle is one as I climb up on step ladders today; it was a little hairy a few times. But...I got done what needed done
2) My attitude towards this apartment complex. very grateful for my home
3) My temper can be very fragile at times
This was a very tough one to come up with three; what about you? Can you come up with three fragile gifts?

25~ A gift cloth, steel, wood
1) My nice clean towels that are washed folded for the next adventure in the salon. So I would say that is my cloth gift so I don't have to worry about them this w

2) The steel pans that I cooked my diner in this evening.
3) The wood coffee table that I write my bills and rest my ankle on. It is a beautiful coffee table my mom gave me.

26~ 3 gifts moving
Laughing.........this should be interesting
1) My car as it gets me to points A and B and all those in between
2) My clients today. As they needed so much help moving that I even needed help moving them. It would have made great Keystone cop movie with the laughter as we were moving all of them in my small salon from one chair to another.
3) The remote control that travels from my hand to hubby's and back again as we fight over the volume of the TV. (Laughing) Or what we are watching! :)

27~ 3 gifts "Ugly beautiful"

Not sure after today if I can do this one.......But I can and will somehow. It was so beautiful and I cannot think of anything ugly beautiful....But here goes.
1) So one of the ugly beautiful is some of the cars at the car show today. Some where ugly made beautiful. 
2) The horse patrol cleaning up after the horse's in the parade making the streets nice and clean free from the horse manure. No more ugly! beautifying the streets.
3) When it started raining in Cascade Locks it was ugly to see the rain; but it had a wonderful beauty to it. Soft gray sky's with raindrops falling. 
Yes today was a beautiful day!

28~ 3 Gifts orange
Sometimes this challenge amazes me with the items we must come up with. Love it though! It really helps me be more thankful even with odd things. Orange isn't even one of my favorite colors even. (Laughing as I'm trying to figure this one out!)
1) The tube my night emollient cream is in! Love my cream ♥
2) The color of some of the app icons on my phone that I enjoy
3) The color of The New American Bible Saint Joseph Edition; that I have had for over twenty years. I must love it♥ it is near my bed. Along with several other editions and translations of the word of God! I must have like four bibles next to my bed that I can count from where I'm sitting. :)

A Holy Experience

As the month comes to a fast close what was your most prized gift/surprise?
Ankle View
April 24, 2013

Below are two fundraiser links to help with medical bills. 
We have no medical insurance to cover medical.
As the weeks have gone by since I have started back to work
The ankle continues to have many issues
I will be seeking second opinion
With many prayers 
I feel God is showing us
The direction to go.
God is faithful and I trust this is going to be paid in full;
and every need meet through Him
Thank you!

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