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Daily Journey

Monday, April 15, 2013

Playdates With God~ Spring gifts/surprises & April Joy Dare

Spring gifts/surprises

I almost forgot..........
So I had to get up and come back and do my Spring gifts/surprises & April Joy Dare

Day 8~ Spring gifts/surprises in my bed and waking feeling more refreshed. Morning coffee after a nice hot shower. Never having a dull moment in my home. New adventure to be found at every turn. Getting a basket of laundry done along with some other honey "do's" on the list. Trying to keep a positive attitude even when it is hard. Knowing God has me in the palm of His hand.

Day 9~ Spring gifts/surprises Just continue to be amazing! Waking and getting ready for my first day at the new shop. What a wonderful excitement I had all day. The new appointments and ladies I meet today. The learning curve I'm going through right now. Having lunch at El Ranchito today. Getting some banking done. Finding pretty tulips in the garden today, along with other flowers and bushes in bloom. Home with foot propped up. Visiting with a friend this afternoon early evening. Brings laughter and smiles to my face. A beautiful evening drive. Watching Dancing With The Stars.

Day 10~ Spring gifts/surprises getting some laundry done for the new salon. Towels and more towels. Meeting up with Shari Whitlock and having a lovely visit and getting my pay check. Headed straight to the bank to pay more bills! Yea! Money to pay bills is a huge gift! Talking with Cindy Forsythe Rieder about Seminar. Making the decision to go and purchasing he airline ticket. Being totally committed to going. WOW! Huge surprise and will be fun to see how this all comes together. Surprise visit from Katherine Huston Fischer and Cassie. Was a lovely little visit. Enjoyed my visit with Sally Mazza on the phone. Lots of surprises today. One will be early to bed I pray.

Day 11~ Spring gifts/surprises is how quickly things change. How busy I was at the salon. Fun Getting to know the ins and outs and the lovely new clients. Very exciting. How ready I was for lunch was a surprise! I just sat in the car and ate Taco Bell. Going back to work and how smoothly the rest of the day went. So surprised how many towels I went through today. Surprised I couldn't find the lacquer I'm trying to find. Ice cream at DQ! A wonderful visit with my daughter Amber Webber this evening. As well as my mom! An evening drive and a nice visit with a friend! Dig smiles! And laughter with David as we watch the crazy news.

Day 12~ Spring gifts/surprises are getting my payroll straightened out and even though I arrived late for work had an amazing day. Lots of ladies and some new ones. Very happy clients. Having Cindy Forsythe Rieder work hard on setting up a room for her and I in Dallas Tx. Thank you! Your awesome and I looking forward to this trip. Friendships that are always there even when you don't hear from them. Unexpected shocker phone call, that put a smile on my face. Nice visit! Little bells on the phone that ring every time someone leaves me a note or post on FB. So fun! Feet being propped up.

Day 13~ Spring gifts/surprises That I woke up early as if I had to go to work!!! Well........I got to have coffee with the hubby before he left for work. I lazied around almost all morning that was a gift. Got into a serious talk with Katherine Huston Fischer about choices. She tried to get me. She didn't though!! Got cleaned up and went adventuring. That some filed trip I was on with the girls today. Thank you Katherine andAnna Michelle Leach-Beeching for the fun laughter and education today. Oh yes and the pray time that was awesome! The view of the mountains coming back from the west side of town. Seeing all the baby chickens and ducks today!! I felt like a little girl. Oh and of course my candy store the beauty supply. I never get out cheaply. I just have way to much fun in those stores. Then of course was the breaks of sunshine with the raindrops that will bring all those May flowers and keep us green. Home to clean. But I did have plenty of gifts and surprises what about you

Day 14~ Spring gifts/surprises sleeping well past the time I should of and staying in bed most all day. That was a lovely gift of rest. A wonderful phone call from my sister in Christ Rosalie Reinhold whom I miss and love so very much. It was a joy sitting a catching up and being an encouragement to one another today. A surprise and gift all rolled into one. Thank you Rosalie! My sister Rosie who is amazing and always is a gift and full of many surprises. Thank you for helping through the process of my friends taxes once again. You are AWESOME! Getting the house vacuumed was huge! The sun breaking out and shining through the clouds late this afternoon for a wonderful country drive out to help a friend. The phone call from Shari Whitlock it is always a joy to talk with you and catch up. I'm so blessed by our friendship thank you for all you do. Hubby and I both cooking dinner together.

April Joy Dare:

8~ 3 Gifts rising up

1) My prayers to my Father that I lift up I know they are rising up to the heavens to Him
2) My voice rises up when I get excited 
3) The steam from the cooking going on in the kitchen is surely rising up. So thankful to have the food to cook

9~ A gift hiding, held, heard

I'm telling you the Joy Dare truly does make you aware of the many blessing hidden and right in front of you. Makes you realize what we really do have. So I'm going to say the hidden gift is being more aware of the gifts of life surrounding me daily. Example: Today going to work was much shorter than I thought. Realized that their was a supply house right there in the area ans was able to go pick up a few items I needed. As well as some snacks to have on hand.
Held gift would be my scissors as I meet and did hair cuts on so many new clients that I am meeting and having the pleasure to care for their beauty needs.
So many heard gifts daily. The fluttering of the birds wings in the rafters of my roof over my bedroom and when they come zipping out of the little hole in the rafters flying by so quickly. Not only heard but felt....

10~ 3 Gifts opened up

1) I'm picking my mail as one of the gifts today. Because even though it was mostly junk it was a blessing not to receive a bill today. Very nice gift that had to be opened!

2) Opening up the bags that Shari Whitlock blessed me with today filled with lots of wonderful things. Tops for work, tools for work, and assorted goodies. Thank you so very much Shari! God has truly blessed me through you in many many ways. What a gift you are! Love you ♥
3) My garage door to give Katherine Huston Fischer bags and bags of cans that she can return for refund to help with her medical. I don't have to deal with them. That is a gift for sure to both of us. Though I still have cans to recycle....
Did you have any special gifts you opened today?

11~ 3 Gifts budding/blooming
1) The tulips that I see in some many gardens this time of year. Makes me dream of my own garden.
2) The buds on the trees that are blooming into leafs and some into beautiful flowers the leafs
3) The best flower a grandma or mom can receive from a child the dandelion

12~ 3 gifts worn

1) My raincoat
2) My sweater that keeps me warm
3) My earring's

13~ 3 Gifts bright
Well I surely wish I could pick the sun but I cannot because it was anything but bright......So my 3 brights.....???
1) The bright and sunshine smiles of friends and good times and memories made today when out adventuring on my little field trip about town today. 
2) The light in my kitchen that brightens the living area as well as the kitchen so I'm not sitting in darkness
3) The heating lamps on the little baby chickens and ducks at City Farmers today. They truly are some bright lights on those little guys

14~ 3 Gifts looking up

1) I would have to say the clouds today where absolutely amazing! The formations and light shining through. Puffs of dark light and white with the blue sky and sun breaking through. Just wish I could have snapped some photos of them today. But wasn't able too. But my camera's eye so enjoyed the beauty of them.
2) Looking up always brings me rays of hope knowing that all I have to do is reach up and there is the hand of God reaching down to pick me up. Nothing better than knowing when I look up He is right there with me and helping me.
3) Sadly looking up also shows me all the cob webs I need to knock down and vacuum. With that thought in mind I'm happy to say I have a ceiling I can knock the webs from and vacuum up. A strange gift as it is!~
What are your gifts looking up?

Did you get your taxes mailed early or today?

A Holy Experience

Ankle View
April 12,2013
Below are two fundraiser links to help with medical bills. 
We have no medical insurance to cover medical.
As the weeks have gone by since I have started back to work
The ankle continues to have many issues
I will be seeking second opinion
With many prayers 
I feel God is showing us
The direction to go.
God is faithful and I trust this is going to be paid in full;
and every need meet through Him
Thank you!

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