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Daily Journey

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Accountability ~ With Gym and Workouts

My CK girl didn't want mom to sleep in this morning. I was going to sleep until 8 but.... she had other ideas. Which was fine. As I was to meet up with those work out partners of mine at 9 this morning. I was feeling a little bit lazy to say the least. Then I found out that my beautiful middle daughter interviewed late this morning for a job in a gym in Sacramento. Pray she gets it and will be able to get back and forth from it. She really needs this job to provide for her children. She as well needs transportation. As the job would start a 4:45 am in the morning five days a week. YIKES! Hey maybe she can teach her mom a few things when I'm visiting. So my morning started out as it usually does with me running out the front door for CK to take care of her business. Coffee and prays as I get ready for whatever the day holds. Today it was the gym. I spent half hour on tread mill. Still say walking in the great outdoors in much more refreshing and enjoyable. The girls are trying to talk me into a walk a-thon. I don't know! Then I did my sit ups; I actually bumped it up a bit and did a 150 with 40pounds of weight. That was pushing it a bit. But good for me. Then I went and worked out on the bike for 40 minutes. I had a great day at the gym. Came home showered and shine I am.
I think I'm making progress as my clothes are fitting much nicer. Soon I may need to go into a smaller wardrobe. That will be very exciting!

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Have you ever done any walk a thon's or running marathon's?


Denise said...

I am so very proud of you.

Kelly Stilwell said...

Encouraging! I need to make a commitment to do this, too! Must work out 4 days a week minimum!! This blog hopping is not good exercise!