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Daily Journey

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Blogging From A to Z Challenge ~ "O"



Now this is something I am not good at;
 At all
I have bought tools.
Had friends come over and help that are wizards at being organized.
I have hired people to help me get organized.
I have purchased gadgets and anything that might help in this wonderful skill of organization.
I have bought and read books on the tricks of organization skills.
Still organization is not happening.
Or at least not the way I would like it too anyways.
I'm just not an organized person.
I am in my mind though.
Everything is exactly where it should be.
 So very neat and tidy too!
What I would do to have that organized skill.
It is not one that I have though;
Try as I might
It seems to elude me totally!
It is always all organized so nicely in my mind.
I just doesn't seem to happen in the reality of my life at all.
I seem to fall short of this organizational skill.
Papers here and there.
Disarrayed draws and closets.
My garage...
Now that is a story to tell.
It has improved greatly though with lots of help and many tools.
No filing system at all!
The office........
This is a nightmare waiting to happen for sure.

Well lets just say I wouldn't want anyone to go there at without a full proof plan in hand.
If you have ever been around at tax season in my house.....
Well then you can really tell I need all the help in organization I can get. 
You would see I can use all the help I can get on this one.
The magic fairy may run on that one.
I know I sure do every year!
Then there is the closet and under my bed to mention a few areas of great need of organization.
To mention a few and I assure you there are plenty more areas of great need.
But I have found that it is okay not to be organized.
Because you see it is in my mind and I can find everything just perfectly.
If it has been moved I would know.
So with my skill of non-organization I have found more time to do other things that I have found much more rewarding and desirable.
And that I have much more fun doing as well.
Like time writing on my blog.
Time with family and friends to go out adventuring.
Needle point
Short spur of the moment trips
That lead to the most fun!
Learning how to use my camera and other electronic tools;
Which some are suppose to help keep me organized as well.
That is funny though!
They just confuse me.
Much to complicated to figure out and use.
Just to mention a few things of great need of organization in my life.
So if you are one of those wonderful organized people
Feel free to come do it for me.
I don't want lessons or show me how!
I just want it to magically be done.
Then come and join me for some unexpected fun and adventures
that take place at the whim of the moment.
You wont be disappointed!
You will have fun!

Are you an organized person or are you like me and need all the help you can get magically?


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Good O word. I'm not as organised as I could be though I did do my A to Z some months ago .


Denise said...

Believe me, I am not organized.

Thisisme. said...

Hi Bethe. Yes, I am an organized person. I need organization in my life, and it seems to come quite easily to me, which is good :) You seem pretty organized to me, what with your blog posts, your Mary Kay business and your hairdressing business. I would think that you would have to be pretty organized to keep all that going!!!!

soggy in the corner said...

Love this! There is that saying that people who are disorganized in their minds need to organize the physical world around them, while those whose minds are ordered, have no need to do so!
I too have the papers here and there, the clothes still unfolded atop the dryer (and other places as well). But I generally know where everything is! So....because I have a good memory of where things are, maybe I don't need all that categorizing and putting away?
I know if I started and had the time, I would not want to stop organizing until all the albums, books, CD's, and DVD's, etc., were in alphabetical order and the floor was sanitized by vinegar!
But...that would take too much time and effort and YES, I should spend the time with my family or outside in nature, or asleep, rather than being a slave to things!
I am organized in some ways, for the short time, and I can multi task well. But...when I am home, let me relax and not agonize over the disarray of my home. Oh...I am messy!
Thanks for the blog
stopping by from A to Z