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Daily Journey

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blogging From A to Z Challenge ~ "Q"



The sound that is pure stillness
It is the totally stillness and quiet of the early morning
Or the evening hour when all the lights have been shut off 
When all are tucked in to dreamland until the morning light

It is the quiet on the trail heads when I go hiking
When all I hear is the call of nature
The breeze that whispers through the forest
Singing a love song to all who will listen

Quiet is when I get up early
Put on the coffee and sit in the stillness as I say my morning prayers
As I speak and listen to the Father above

It is the time just before a big test.
That quiet of the brains humming with the tapping of the pencil
Wishing the test was over 
Knowing that you past 
Because you were up all night studying until you fall asleep 
With you nose in the book

Quiet is that moment when you are sitting on the edge
Waiting for that perfect moment to scream
To hear the echo of your voice
Across the miles
As it races through the air

Quiet is that moment of time after the baby has cried and cried
Then suddenly there is nothing 
That total silence 
Knowing the baby is now fast asleep

Quiet is nap time after a long afternoon at the park

Quiet is that moment and space in time when nothing is heard 
But the sounds that runs the house
The business
The city
The humming that low pitch sound
The noise of nature 
Blissfully living its life

It is the love of being where
I can view nature in its fullness and hear
The love songs of the birds 
As they go about their business

Quiet is the evening sunset with the one you love
Where no words are exchanged
But the look and the touch
That says that was beautiful
No words needed
Just that moment of
Perfect love
Peace and quiet

So many things can be found in the quiet and the stillness
Resting in the Father who first loved me

As I write in the late night 
With the quietness surrounding me
As I tap the keys

Quietness is wherever I can catch that moment of sanity to regain 
My peace of mind.

Where do you find your quietness?


welcome to my world of poetry said...

A pleasure to read, a great poem.


Denise said...

Very nice poem. I find my quietness in the early morning hours.

Kathe W. said...

lovely poem- I find the peace and quiet in our new home is a wonderful blessing. We are so happy here.

Rae said...

Great poem!