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Daily Journey

Friday, April 20, 2012

Blogging From A to Z Challenge ~ "R"



I like the word race today for many reasons for the letter 
As I am in a race to get all the letters of the alphabet done before I fly out to see my children and grandchildren
So that each letter will post up each day while I'm gone 
As I write something about each letter left
Each one scheduled 
So they will pop up in a timely fashion
Upon the day that they are to show
Then I will have completed my second time around in the 
A-Z challenge
I can say "I did it!"

Then when I arrive home I will have lots of reading and catching up to do.
As I will want to read all the post that I have missed from each of you
Then I will be in a race to read as many blogs as I can
To post back comments to all those who kindly stopped by and left a word for me
To each of you I say thank you so much 
I will look forward to visiting you all when I arrive home once again
From my lovely little visit and vacation with my family

There are so many kinds of races
I shall mention a few:
Their is the car race
The race to get ready for work in the morning
The relay race
Boat race
The race to be the best
The race to the top
The race to grow up/then realizing we shouldn't have raced through
The race of life

But my race is to get ready to travel
To pack 
To have everything in order and done before I leave
The race to get there and love on my family
The race to see each smile and receive each hug and kiss
To hold unto each one for as long as I can
The race of time that I want to stop
To hold each moment just a bit longer

So as I race out the door to catch that plane 
Please know I will be back before you blink
Maybe not!
I will see each of you next month
Please enjoy the race to compilation.
I hope you enjoy mine as I race to complete them
Have a pleasant end of the month
Enjoy the journey as you read each day

What are you in a race for?


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Excellent write and I do hope you enjoy seeing your grandchildren.


Denise said...

Good writing.