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Daily Journey

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Blogging From A to Z Challenge ~ "U"



Unexpected was the gift from my daughters.
The unexpected ticket to come and visit them in California.
It had been eleven months since I had been down for a visit.
I usually visit at least two to three times a year.
But with the raising cost of tickets and gas;
 Among a few other expenses.
 I have put traveling on the back burner.
But my oldest daughter had other ideas.
Heather had asked when I was coming for a visit, 
It had been sometime since I had been down.
My answer was
"When hell freezes over!"
She laughed and asked again
 "Really mom when are you coming down?"
Again my answer was
"When hell freezes over!"
"You heard me. 
I just really don't have the money for a flight at this time; 
Nor is it looking really good in the near future."
Phone call later from daughter.
"Mom, what are you doing for Easter?"
"I'm going to grandma's; why?"
Unexpectedly she says to me.
"Mom, I want to buy you a ticket to come down here for a visit."
I was speechless.

As I knew she really didn't have the fiances to give such a wonderful gift as a round trip ticket to come for a visit.
Being a single mom to four kids and helping her sister and her four kids.
Makes money really tight in her household for all.
As fiances are tight for many of us these days.
And her youngest sister preparing for her husband to leave for military service;
And adjusting to him not being there.
Things have been really rough for them all.
Each struggling with their own sets of issues and various needs.
Amber had been very ill as well and rushed to the hospital.
So for this wonderful gift to be given at this time was:
This was a truly unexpected gift from my daughters given with the heart of love.

Easter wasn't going to work out and the cost was much more than either of us expected.
Later that day she called again.
"Mom we really want you to come."
"Heather where are you going to get the money?"
Unexpectedly she tells me,
"I have been saving to take the kids to Disneyland. I will take the money from there."
I told her
"Honey that is so nice but you shouldn't take from them what you have been saving for for a long time."
"Mom, its okay! I don't have enough money yet anyways and God will bring in more. The extra work to make up for what I have spent to bring you here. Besides the kids want to see you."
"Oh! Heather! What a wonderful gift you are giving me."
Still totally unsure if this is what I should do.
So the search was on for the ticket.
Which was found later that afternoon.
So an unexpected name change has come about through this ticket.
My grandchildren now are calling me the "Disney Mema".
An unexpected gift that is bringing much joy and


welcome to my world of poetry said...

What a lovely thought,and unexpected too . I have a son who lives in Spain and don't get to see him that often, as from Nov. until Feb. there are no planes flying out from my airport and it would mean a trip of three trains to get to London airport.


Denise said...

Sweet thought.

Thisisme. said...

Hi my friend. That was such a lovely, thoughtful and generous gesture of your dear daughter, so that you could go and visit them all. I hope that you are having such a special time, especially seeing all ten of your grandchildren, as well as your daughters. Eleven months is an awful long time, so I can just imagine how excited you were by this trip. A Huge Blessing indeed. Hugs.

Lucy Adams said...

You are a very fortunate woman. Hell has frozen over because of your daughter. I'm glad to hear it.