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Daily Journey

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blogging From A to Z Challenge ~ "K"



Original page:


a male sovereign or monarch; a man who holds by life tenure, and usually by hereditary right, the chief authority over a country and people.
( initial capital letter ) God or Christ.
a person or thing preeminent in its class: a king of actors.
a playing card bearing a picture of a king.
Chess . the chief piece of each color, whose checkmating is the object of the game; moved one square at a time in any direction.

Checkers . a piece that has been moved entirely across the board and has been crowned, thus allowing it to be moved in any direction.

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Original page

In 1604, King James I of England authorized that a new translation of the Bible into English be started. It was finished in 1611, just 85 years after the first translation of the New Testament into English appeared (Tyndale, 1526). The Authorized Version, or King James Version, quickly became the standard for English-speaking Protestants. Its flowing language and prose rhythm has had a profound influence on the literature of the past 300 years. The King James Version present on the Bible Gateway matches the 1987 printing. The KJV is public domain in the United States. 


The king of Kings the Lord of Lords
My Lord and Savior

Original page:

There is Burger King
Lion King
King Kong
King of your own home
King islands
There are famous Kings that have made a difference in our lives and the world around us
The many Kings of the world that have ruled over nations and countries for generations
There are TV icons and writers that are Kings
There is the Kings on the basket ball court
There are Kings in my playing cards
What about the game site
There are Kings in board games
There is King County in Washington
King snakes (YIKES)
King crabs in Alaska (YUM!)
There are Kings of the music world or I should say who are given that title
There are so many kinds of kings
But....the King here in our home is my dear hubby
Now if we can have all the lavish lifestyle and money that goes with it.
Oh darn maybe not there comes with it lots of work and responsibility.
I think I like just knowing the King of my life 
 Dreaming of being with my King 
Lord of Lords!

How are doing in visiting all the A-Z challenge bloggers?


welcome to my world of poetry said...

Great K post, loved all the different kinds of meanings of the word King, from The sovereign to Burger king.
Well thought out and written.


Amanda Trought said...

Definitely a lot of Kings...the king crabs sound yummy! Amanda

Amanda - Realityarts-Creativity
Art Blog

mindthagap said...

I like the Loin King, very funny typo! Thanks!

Thisisme. said...

You've come up with a lot of Kings for us there, Bethe. I love it that your hubby is King of your home. Bless! Good post for the letter 'K'.

Denise said...

I like this.

Christine said...

Great post! I also long to be with the King of Kings.

Stopped by from A-Z, and I look forward to reading more of your blog.

Coffee in the Garden
In the Care of the Great Physician