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Daily Journey

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Adding New Christmas Decorations

WOW! I have decided that today was a very good day!
I had a slow day at salon so ended up leaving rather early. But left me with some time on my hands.
I wanted to get some things to put together my Adopt-A-Grandparent gifts as well as some items to put together a gift basket for one of my clients. So a shopping I went.
I headed off to the dollar tree I always find great finds there for gift baskets and other small trinkets when putting together packages that can add that extra look or bling to make it more attractive to the eye. And I did find lots and lots of goodies to make some great special gifts for the Adopt-A-Grandparent. There is still time if you would like to be apart of that. the cost is 15 each which will include Mary Kay Lotion a pair of gloves and some candy. Please feel free to contact me and or order via my web page.
Then I needed to find some candy canes so I went to Safeway.  As I walked into the door here was the most adorable little Santa Elves ever.They where ten each, how could I resist such adorable elves, Piper and Evan are their names.

So I was able to get Piper and Evan along with my candy canes.
Then I headed over to Lowe's to get another poinsettia as I needed a little bit bigger one to put in front of the fireplace on top the center table. I found a beautiful variegated red on.

As I was wandering around Lowe's I found some great bargains. They had just placed all their Christmas decorations at 40% off. I'm a Christmas nut! And I cannot resist these lights and bargains at all. So I added a few more to my collection. I got a LED Snowman and LED Santa Claus. along with Santa in a Sleigh and a music box Snowman that plays 15 Christmas Carols as well. I was so excited and thrilled. They worded out well with the decor that I had going on already. I say Merry Christmas to ME!!!
 The music box is great as the snowman have little snowman ice skaters that go around and around the big snowman that looks like Frosty.  The door opens up and it lights up as it plays all the Christmas Carols. This is the only piece that I really need to find a special place to put him. I'm thinking he will sit on the table.

So as Christmas grows in our home with new additions of decorations and Santa stopping by early to drop off presents to be delivered to loved ones; you can see we are having a very blessed Christmas season with
all the joys of the season.
The picture on the table is of my husband and his mother. This was her favorite time of the year. She loved Christmas. So we have set her picture in a place of honor. My husband misses her so very much and more durning the Christmas season then any other time of the year. Her favorite song was Oh Holy Night. Which is cool because it is a beautiful song and one of my favorites as well. She is greatly missed by us all. 

 As you so the tree is looking full and beautiful with all its trim and the added packages that seem to appear magically when no one is looking. All that is really left for me to do is to finish wrapping a few packaging. Then boxing up the goodies for family and friends and get them mailed off to be delivered to their doors via UPS and the Untied States Postal Service Then of course their are the few Christmas cards along with the Christmas Letter that is yet to be complete. Must work on that one.
So you can see we are having fun as the Big day approaches. I am planning on going to the Grotto to see the Christmas lights this weekend. My husband and I will be going to Midnight Service. I'm hoping to take him to the church I attend as a little girl. He has never been there before and of course it holds many special memories there for me as well.
Glory to God in the Highest and on earth peace to men on whom His favor rest.  Luke-2:14


Unknown said...

I would love to have those ELVES, wish you would sell them, I would pay $150 easily! :)

Mike Sinclair said...

My wife has been searching for 3 years for these elves and sadly no luck. It would make her Christmas if I could get her them! 🎄

Bethe77 said...

Im very sorry but these are not for sale. They are apart of my Christmas decor that I have for my grandchildren. If and when I ever would sell them I will gladly let you know. But at this time they are not for sell. Im sorry!

Mike Sinclair said...

Thank you!!!

Mike Sinclair said...

Thank you!!!