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Daily Journey

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Practice Practice Practice!

Well today was a full day at the salon. Some cancellations, some of my lovely ladies are in the hospital. So they and their families need our prayers. But picked up a few new ones as well as had some Friday appointments move over to today as they have a funeral to attend on Friday. So as you see the salon never has a dull moment. Loved meeting the new clients. One I didn't get to meet as she wasn't feeling well. So maybe.. Friday. We will see what it holds for me.
So I handed out a few letters on Adopt -A-Grandparent. I was really excited about that. I sold three! So I'm three closer to my 350 goal! I have until Dec 14th to get them in. I know I can do this. I want to delivery by the 24th of Dec. So I'm really looking forward to doing this for them.
Hubby called asked me to stop and pick up some makings for homemade tacos. He decided hew as going to make chicken tacos. They turned out so yummy!
Then my neighbor and my friend came over so I could practice more of the hair flairs. I'm so excited about them. I'm learning a few tricks and it is going much smoother. I have a few more practice appointments then I will be ready for the Mary Kay event which will be on the 13th of Dec as well as the 27th of Dec. They are so nice looking in the hair. They really are very attractive in the hair.

I'd like to thank Vanessa and Kathrine for helping me out and being models for me. I now need to find a way to become a better photographer so that my pictures come out and you can see more of what I'm doing. Another skill to learn and accomplish.
So I'm sure as I learn all these skills and grow in my blogging ability we will all grow together and have so much fun laughing and learning together.
Tonight I'm going to enjoy the Wii with hubby and Kathrine and the New "Karate Kid".

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Katz78 said...

Thank you for making my hair look all pretty like.