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Daily Journey

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Hair Bling

Well last evening was a wonderful experience with working with the hair bling. I had so much fun! I did some more practice on a friend this past weekend. It didn't work out so well for her unfortunately. But I was grateful and very happy for her help. We had a great time and alot of fun as well. Her are some pictures of her hair when we where finished on Friday evening after putting them in. They looked great! To bad that didn't last as long as they should have in her hair. Learned alot on that one. Thank you Rikki!

It seems the hair slipped. I believe the trick I have discovered with the hair bling it is diffidently hair extensions of bling that you need to be using water and double knotting the hair and the bling then double knotting the bling as well. I haven't had any feed back on the six I did last evening. But I think they will hold. Silly me was so excited about doing the bling for the Mary Kay event that I forgot to get pictures. So the only two I got where of the these two lovely ladies as they where getting ready to leave. As you see I think they all look great!

I'm so sorry I didn't get the other four ladies they all where so very excited and they turned out beautiful and looked wonderful. Well I will be applying the bling again into the hair in two weeks for another Mary Kay event. I will remember to take photos then. I as well am still looking for those who would love to let me do some more practice; so I am looking for heads of hair to work on. This would normally cost 5 a strand to put in. So last night I put anywhere from four to eight pieces in each head for 10.

Looking great in BLING!

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