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Daily Journey

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Days Are Passing Quickly

It has been a few days since I have been here. I have had some very filled days. Especially this weekend. As you know my sister was here on Friday. When she arrived we went shopping and let me tell you. You'd never know we where in a economic decline. They where diffidently out there shopping and boosting the income of the stores with stimulus that is for sure. I can assure my sister and I where some of them. The malls and city streets are full with he hustle and bustle of the Christmas season. It is not as I remember the decorations are not of the days of old. The malls do not have the festive feel of Christmas to me at all. Just more people filling them with the hustle and bustle to get their shopping in and making sure they get the best bargain out there. Let me assure you there are plenty of them of bargains out there too! It is sad to me not to see the Halls of the Malls decorated as when I was young. Not the big displays of animations of Santa's helpers making toys. No Big whoop la that Santa is here; I didn't even see the long lines to see Santa, so the kiddos could give him their Christmas list of goodies. No Christmas Carol's being song by a group, I think I may have heard some modern Holiday tunes. It is true I am a traditionalist in the fact that I do love the Old Fashion celebration of the Christmas season along with every other Holiday as well.
Saturday was filled with wonderful insight and personal training from I was in a six hour coaching and training class. Well worth my time and energy. If you have ever wondered why you are you I might suggest you check out his site. he does do a lot of free things like free phone and webinars. I just did one this evening. They have another one tomorrow evening after you take the two section assessment. So I highly recommend it. No high pressure sales at all. Learn alot about you and the areas you may want to work on a little bit more.
Sunday I was praying for a wonderful day of rest. Well...........due to the fact my sister had received many little wonderful gifts from different stares that we shopped and as well ate at. We had to use them on Sunday! Oh Darn! So out once again to the hustle and bustle of the Christmas rush of shopping in the malls. I did receive some great bargain buys as well as got some more Christmas done and a few extra goodies for me.. just because. Thank you dear sister Chris! When we got home it was movie time and a light dinner salad after a full day and weekend.
Monday, was a good morning for me to do some great sleeping in. I stayed in my nice warm cozy bed until ten. I haven't done that in a very long time and loved it. But as always a good thing had to come to and end and the real world was beckoning me to go to work. So off to do some hair for the lovely ladies at the Adult Foster Care Home. I will have two appointments next week. One sees what the other is having done and they all want to feel that special. I love it. Aren't we all special? I think so!
Tree and Christmas decorations where pulled out and put up as well. The house looks so festive and beautiful! Thank you Kathrine for helping me decorate and make the home filled with the joys and love of Christmas. Dont forget to turn on the Christmas music and pop some popcorn to string. Maybe a nice hot chocolate after the fun and laughter. So dig out those decorations and call in the friends and family and have a tree triming party. Then after watch a Christmas classic to close a perfect day of fun.

It was pizza night thanks to hubby as he had been Christmas shopping earlier in the day himself. So he booted me out of the house. Off to Mary Kay meeting I went. Something I haven't done in a long time. I really enjoyed it. It was a great night to go as well. They where showing some of the great limit edition that is being released as well as some of the new line. I'm so excited I must get some sells in to get these wonderful new products purchased for my shelves.
Today was a wet rainy day and my oldest daughters birthday. Happy birthday Heather. She was my first introduction into motherhood. And what a joy and a journey it has been. Just wish I could have been with her to help her celebrate the day the Lord blessed us with her.
Bible study was awesome and insightful as always. I study with a wonderful group of women who are all growing as I am in some way or another. Isn't it awesome how God always knows whom to place in your lives and when and for what. One of the young ladies there today was her birthday as well. It was nice to wish her a very special happy birthday.
Then off to work to help my dear friend and help make her life a little brighter I hope and easier. She is surely a blessing to me and is so encouraging as well. I love her so much. Hugs to you Randi!
-Katharine Butler Hathaway
There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend.
And Randi that is you!
So my friends not many andotes for this writing but filled with wealth of information.

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Rosebud Collection said...

Everything looks so happy and beautiful..wonderful decorations..
Thanks for visiting my blog..
Have a happy week..Rosebud.