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Daily Journey

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Making of Adopt-A-Grandparent Packages

The deadline is quickly approaching!
The arrival date is coming close with the Adopt-A-Grandparent delivery on the horizon. With Christmas Eve just around the corner on Friday. Miss Santa will be dressed in her Santa red best with her bags brimming with goodies over flowing.
So to work we must go to prepare the bags of goodies to bless those lovely individuals who will be receiving  these packages of love from their community and surrounding area.
Busy helping hands where recruited to help put together these little gifts of love for those who would not have other wise. It was a delightful morning of laughter and chatter as we gathered the goodies to put together the little tokens of love for those whose footsteps and hand prints to life came before us that have prepared the way so we might enjoy the fruits of their hard labor. I'm so excited to put them together and deliver them on Friday. So many smiles and lit up eyes of awe! Like little children who have been given the present they have waited for all year long. The love wrapped up in  a package that says thank we love you and we didn't forget what you have done.
It wasn't as many as I had wanted or near the number needed. But am delighted with the first run of this event. I look forward to working on this project again in the future. Many lessons learned this time around. One I will start earlier in the season. I'm thinking September would be the perfect timing to start moving on such a huge project. Especially if I intend to enlarge the number and those who would participate in it as well.  I would be able to hand out even more gifts so that means more letters and information re guarding this project. As well as being able to receive more names and numbers to follow up on so that I can call them back and get their feed back on both the homes and those participating; on this project and collect the funds on a set date as well as a delivery date for gifts. I think getting mailings out to my customer base as well to see if they would like to participate in this project with their families and loved ones would be excellent. As many people are always looking for areas to donate and  give durning this time of year.
Then we can bless so many more in the Assisted Living Homes, Care Facilities, Independent Living, Adult Foster Care. So many in the area. I work in one and go to three Adult Foster Care Homes.
They so look forward to seeing someone come for a visit with a bright shiny smile. You might just drop in and say hello to one today. Take your own gift wrapped package and drop in and say thank you for being you and paving the way. They would be delighted and you just might find you will enjoy talking with them and hearing their life stories. So many they have to share. They are our walking and living history books.
For the first time around am pleased with the turn of events. Like anything the first time around we are learning and making many mistakes so that we can do much better next time. I'm still getting some calls in and commitments on them still. You have until Friday morning to commit to one or more if you'd like. Just contact me via the post or through my web page and leave me a message
To those of you who have participated I would like to give a great BIG shout out: THANK YOU so very much!!! You have helped this project to be a success, without you I couldn't have done it. You have made this project so much fun! I look forward to working with you all in the future.

Busy Stuffing

Ribbon Cutting

A Snip Here And A Snip There

The Little Details Always Count

A Little Bling To Bright

Not To Much

Some Mittens & Lotion

A Candy Cane Too!

Busy Hands Will Need Some Of This Lotion

Tying It Off

The Bundle is Ready For Santa Delivery

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