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Daily Journey

Friday, December 17, 2010

Following a Wonderful Blogger

I have just started blogging as many of you know and am so very green and have so very much to learn. I have been looking at other blogs and have chosen to follow a few so far. I love reading and looking at the great pictures and just up lifting and gifted writers they are. And there are so many out there too. So inspirational! They all have such a wealth of information with many great links to fabulous things that I am hoping to learn and to be able to do here myself. They have some links to each other as well. There is one I'm looking forward to maybe being able to participate on her Fingerprint Friday her blog name is  TheRustedChain - The Blog  But as I'm so new I have no clue how too as of yet. Hoping to get some help on that so I might be able to be apart of a great blog and sharing of Gods greatness and how He leaves so many beautiful treasures of His love around for us to unwrap and enjoy daily. It is fun to see the beauty that others see in each one of their Finger Print Friday. The link I found was on my favorite blog to follow which is The Mum and The Rose and the first one that I started following. She takes absolutely beautiful pictures of the sky. Very amazing. Please check them both out. I know you will be blessed as I am by their blogs. I'm so encouraged by all that I'm learning from each one. The beauty they see in a day the love to share information. I'm sure there are many more out there and I'm excited to connect. huithiang!  is another blog I have been following which has great inspirational stories that are relate able to us yet reflect us back to the word of God. and the faith that all things do work together for His good and glory. At least that is the way I see it anyways.

So even though I don't know how to participate with the Rusted Chain on her Fingerprint Friday. My finger print that God left for me today would be that He blessed us with an amazing beautiful sunny day! I don't have a snapshot of it but......that is my fingerprint of love He left for me today.

In Him we live and move and have our being.-Acts 17:28

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