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Daily Journey

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lost Without Desk Top

I'm dropping a note. As I'm lost with out my desk top. I seem to prefer the desk over the lap. Though it is a bit fun to lay in bed and type. But doesn't seem natural at all. The desk top had to go see the Geek Squad due to a nasty virus that slipped in from somewhere. Praise God I didn't push any keys and cause more damage. Be aware that they can attach to any unsecured web site and emails s well as photos and you would not even know. As I'm very careful where I go and have a wonderful software program to protect my computer. But alas it didn't safe me this time around. Thankful for those Geeks boys. There are many great programs out there to protect you computer. I have found speaking to those with expertise on what would work best for you depending on what you use your computer for is the best way to decided which program to use. There are as well great sites that offer free programs from their sites as well. Remember always do your homework and check out and find out the revues before purchasing or using any program so that you receive the best service for you.

Always apply wisdom to your daily walk in all that you do and say.

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