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Daily Journey

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cross Roads

For the past week instead of dancing in the glory and celebration of the Christmas season of the birth of our Savior we have been faced with a cross roads of death and life in our family. Many times through our lives we come upon them as we are preparing for other events. Then comes along that unexpected unplanned event that no one wants to have in their lives.
How we face them and how we deal with them builds our character. It shows the world how we face our cross roads with grace, faith and determination.

How we lean on the Lord and His ability to carry us through to the other side of Victory! It draws those who want to know where that inner strength comes from.
We reach for the unseen and the hope that He will answer our prayers and that all will work out the way we want.
I'm grateful to say Thank you Lord for the miracle of not only your Son for the forgiveness of sins but for the life that you have given in my brother.
I thank you for the battle that he will face; but the grace to face with strength and courage that only you can give.
I glory in each day as if it where Christmas and the celebration of life that you give in each breath we breathe.
So as you come upon those cross roads in life whether small or large; life or death. Face it with the courage and grace that only the Lord can give.
Take each one as a gifted treasure to share and to grow into the person you are created to be in Him.
Be blessed as we come upon this new year and the cross roads you maybe facing as we end this year and face a brand new baby year ahead with all of its many cross roads that it will bring upon each one of us this year small or big.
We can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens us.

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