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Daily Journey

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Packages and More Packages

Today has been filled with activity and am starting to wonder if I will have enough hours in this day to complete all of my many projects. It dawned on me this morning that next week is Christmas and I have yet to mail packages and get them ready.
So.........Work of course was at the top of the to do list! I so wished I could have bailed on work. But..... then I wouldn't be able to make a living and help my friend Randi who is so gracious already with me. I also was able to bless two elder ladies at the Adult Foster Care by doing their hair today. They so love visitors and getting their hair fixed. It truly makes them feel so much better. The one lady who spends most of her time in bed told them No! I think I will sit up for awhile. That brings such joy to my heart. It brings life back into them by having a visitors and getting their hair done.
I got home early enough to look for boxes in figure- megee's garage instead of "closet" where everything tumbles out on top of you if your not careful. I found plenty to pack with too.
So then I started sorting out the items to who goes to who and where. Needing to get the right size boxes for each home. Not always so easy. I safe boxes through out the year and put them in the garage just for this purpose. You never know what size you'll need and when. If you break them down and store them in a nice tidy way it makes for easy box hunting, plus your recycling at the same time.
So then I realize I still have packages to wrap as well. Oh dear the to do list is never ending and seems to be growing instead of getting shorter.
I started working on this project then realized I  didn't have enough packing tape. Thank goodness I live next door to Bi-Mart. So I walked over and picked up some tape and other items that would be needed to packing. I also found the neighbors Christmas gifts as well. So more gift wrapping.
As then evening wore on and I got packages labeled I also had to check on mailing addresses as well. So it gave me a chance to speak with a few family and friends to say hello and I love you.
Tomorrows mailing! I will be using both the post office and UPS. It looks like we will have some happy folks somewhere with all these boxes of goodies.

The Christmas present exchange in about ready. I already traded out some as I packed up the boxes to ship out to family and friends.

The Christmas tree is looking so festive.
I  am feeling rather accomplished this evening after getting all those packages wrapped and labeled along with wrapping up some more Christmas presents. Its seems we exchanged some presents and put more under the tree.
What a busy Santa helper!

May the blessing of the Lord over take you this day and everyday.

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