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Daily Journey

Friday, December 3, 2010

Baggage Everywhere

Well I must say I was so excited about today. I went into work and got my perm done early. It turned out beautiful! No one else around, so I got to call it an early day.
When I arrived home from banking today after the perm I arrived home to a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Sent to me by my precious friend. Thank you so much Crystal for blessing beyond whatever I could dream. I will so enjoy them and their beauty.

My sister called last evening and had asked if I would like to spend the day with her. Well......of course I did. I didn't know that we were going to have such a late start. And so much fun! But I must say it was a wonderful day with her my niece, great nephew and my dear friend Kathrine. We were diffidently women on a mission to do some Christmas shopping. We headed to mall with shopping in mind and list in hand.
We had a wonderful lunch at Normstoms Cafe'. Then a shopping we went. Isnt it always funny how we always seem to find things for ourselves when shopping for others. But we managed to hold back the desire to purchase for self. Niece found a bed so ... guess what she got for Christmas? Yes a new bed! how exciting for her no more sleeping on her living room floor. Then we headed to go look at curtians for sisters home. JCPenneys it is. There she found some but  of course they werent in stock. She will order on line instead. Saves more room for more packages to stuff the jeep full of loot.  I did find a few gifts for David. She then it was time for coffee and re grouping so off to Shari's to go over list and checking it twice. Then off to the outlet mall. Much to cold and windy for that shopping adventure. So off and  running we went to Kohls and there we found bundles of goods to fill the jeep to over flowing. Wondering where we where going to put all the packages along with ourselves loaded into the jeep. Might I add we had the baby sit and stroller inside the jeep as well. So the bundles of packages and the bags where running over. A good haul was made by all! All made it home safely and the sorting and wrapping begin!

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