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Daily Journey

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Some Good-Byes Are Harder Then Others

Today was a tough day at the salon. One of my precious ladies went home to be with the Lord today. It took me back and choked me up. Even pinching my cheeks couldn't hold back the tears. It seems some effect us more than others. She was one of them. Though she will no longer be in pain and suffering I will miss her greatly! She passed actually on my daughters birthday yesterday. She is celebrating her new birthday with the Lord and Heather is celebrating her next journey in life. Such contrast.
It was a slow day as well at the salon. I miss those days when I'm busy and am stumbling over myself. As my salon is just a small after thought. I think it was a store closet before they transformed it into a beauty shop, which I'm so very grateful for.
Each lady bring such humor and joy to me. They are all so grateful to even have a place to come and get their hair done. As they would have to leave the building otherwise and in some cases that would be very hard for them. They are always asking me. Your not leaving are you? Lately the new question is, are you taking time off for Christmas? Which I am not. As the days that I work are so limited and am grateful for each day of work I do have.
They all where so excited as today and tomorrow are some of the Christmas events being held at the assisted home. They have their family and friends come in. That is great too! As I know the way some of them talk they sure miss their family and friends. AS it isn't easy for them to get out and of course some of their families live far away.
Since it was an early day today I went over to Lowe's I picked up my poinsettias. I picked up three small ones. I placed them around my woodsy Santa Claus.
I as well picked up a new bird feeder as the one I had the wind blow around and broke so I thought. (David had fixed though) Now an extra feeder to place in another location. 
Needed some bird seed as well. I'm telling you be wise in purchasing bird seed this time of year. It is better to feed bird suet, so I purchased three of those to hang around the windows. But if you are buying seed make sure it isn't molded. If you do have some and you find it to be molded take it back and get a refund or hold onto it for the snow as it is great in place of the rock salt and the birds and squirrels will love it.
Started wrapping a few of the presents to see where I'm at. I'm hoping I'm done or near done shopping. As I truly want to make this year a simple Christmas about what truly is important. First and foremost the birth of Our Lord and Savior. Then about our family and friends that make a difference in our lives and why they are so special to us and how they have helped us through the year. The wonderful magic of the love and wealth of having Christmas and having one another in each of our lives.

Your Future is filled with love, friendship and fun!

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