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Daily Journey

Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Roller Coaster of Daily Grind

Well you can say today was no ordinary day. But in my work world it is an ordinary day by my standards.
Didn't want to get up at all today because I played late last night with hubby neighbors and friends.
My youngest daughter help kick start my dad with her refreshing voice and her busy schedule for the day and weeks ahead as she prepares for finales. I'm so proud of her she is studying to be a nurse.
Then loaded the car and headed to the supply story for the products I would need later in the day do do some hair appointments. The lady at the supply house was a delight. I gave her one of my letters and business cards on adopt-A-Grandparent. She was excited and was looking forward to sharing with her associates. I'm looking forward to hearing back from her.
Then off to do some care giving. I always enjoy going to her house. Though I do know the routine by heart she always throws a little monkey wrench in the day to keep me on my toes. That way it is never dull and we get to have some variety in our lives. I so enjoy helping my friend and making her day a bit easier for her. Though I'm not really sure I really do that. Shopping was on the list of things to do. I enjoy shopping. Though it is the first of the month and December. So it makes it a bit more challenging to do shopping with all the first of the month payees and then the Christmas rush and sales! All in all it wasn't as bad as it can be there. I got through the line pretty fast. But... You will laugh. I set of the alarms when I come in and when I leave. I feel I should be at the airport the system is so sensitive. I'm always waiting on the baggie search and the paper receipt check out before you leave the store. So sad! When I was a kid there was not such a thing. It is a sad thing to see how the world has become so untrustworthy that they even have to worry about if you paid for an item. It seems my keys or phone or setting it off along with to much change in my purse. Okay so I need my keys and the change to be able to purchase the goods.
The phone...... well I guess I can live without it I did for year sand years and years. It is only in the last five to ten years that everyone must have a cell or there must be something wrong with you if you don't have one. I must admit I just got mine about three years ago. I really dint like the idea of coming into the 21st century. Really what was the need for someone to be able to contact me while I'm out. Nothing could possible be that important that it cannot wait until I get home. REALLY! But I did and I do have one. And yes! I do use it and I have found that it has its place of importance and that in an emery it is a great device to have.
Then off to my new adult foster care home to do a perm. The perm that never happened that is. Poor little thing could barely sit in her wheel chair. But we did mange to cute and curl her hair. It looked so nice and pretty when I was done. Then I also did two more hair cuts while I was there. Everyone was happy including me. When you go to do elder hair in these adult foster care you really don't know how well they are going to do. It is so hard on them. They so deserve to look and feel great about their appearance. I so pray and wish I was wealthy enough that I didn't have to charge. But that isn't the case. They each bring such joy into my life. I enjoy talking with them and encouraging. I will be going to this new home once a week. It will be nice for them to have someone come in and care for their personal hair needs.
Then off to next job! Some days when I'm running from job to job like this I wish I just had a regular nine to five But then I wouldn't have the pleasure of knowing and helping all these wonderful people who if they weren't here and paved the way before us we wouldn't be here.
So my next job is care giving once again. Pick up laundry and a small bit of picking up and very light housekeeping. A pleasant visit and time to be on the road again.
The great thing about today in all of my here and there trips I was able to help others with their needs that they wouldn't be able to do otherwise. I was able to pick up a few surprise Christmas gifts. That I must say I'm so very excited about.
I'm still working on a few projects this evening. I'm doing up laundry for a client. I'm working on a surprise for one of my granddaughters. That I'm praying will be able to be put together before the last school day before Christmas break. I have to mail it to her mom to help m with it, so that she can take it to school and they can present it to her on grandparents day. I so wish I could be there for her.
Not to mention I to get to my own household chores this evening. I'm thinking a calgon take me away moment is in the future sometime this evening. With some soothing music playing and a cup of hot tea and warm fuzzy  night clothes and slippers. Sounds perfect to me with an early to bed with soft whisperings prayers to my Lord and a wonderful book to close the night.

"The Lord shall open unto thee His good treasure."
                                           -Deuteronomy 28:12
O Lord, let my life reflect the joy you have put into my heart, that your name may be glorified.

And today has been full of His good treasure. Thank you for sharing a bit of it with me by reading my blog! Blessings.

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