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Daily Journey

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Hump Day

Good morning! Today is hump day and my first day of the week at the hair salon. I never know what the day will hold. As my husband puts it I work in "Gods Waiting Room". Because my salon is in an assisted care living home. I as well travel to Adult Foster Care Homes as well to those that are shut in or anyone who would rather not go out but have me come to them. I love this job and making others feel and look great. I feel I have the best job in the world. Each week I never know what it holds or if I will be preparing them for their new birthday and celebration of meeting their Father in heaven. That part is hard and never ever easy! I thank God  for my husband who encourages me on those days that I find out I have said goodbye to one of my friends and clients. You see they have enriched my life with their smiles laughter and an dotes on life.  It is a rewarding job that blesses me beyond finical. I get to hear about their life and journey and memories of days gone by. The for gotten stories of days gone by. I have had the honor and privilege to do hair on women that have lived to be 106 years young. The wisdom is so amazing! The travels the children and grandchildren. If you ever have a chance to spend time with those you have traveled a full and complete life they bring such humor to the plate. What I would think is new is truly NOT they already have tried or something close to it. Nothing I say seems to amaze them and they are always excited to come and share their life with me. What an Honor!

1 comment:

Crystal said...

This is absolutely wonderful! Your style of writing is straight from the heart!! Keep it up, my dear friend!! You have a gift from the Lord that needs to be shared with others!! May your day be "full of surprises"!! I thank God for the wonderful friend you are to me! We have laughed together and cried together throught the triumphs and difficulties of life!! We have celebrated the Lord's Goodness and remain connected in heart all because of Him!! Thank you for sharing!! I love you and I know "Jesus is blessing all the work of your hands, today and forever!"

Love, Crystal