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Daily Journey

Saturday, December 7, 2013

25 Things I Would Want My Chidren and Grandchildren to Know About Christmas

I found this idea over on my face book by one of the pages I follow and I just loved it and thought gee I know there are things I would love my daughters and grandchildren to know about Christmas. So I thought I would do this count as well. You can find the original over at:
She as well has a blog I follow to but missed this post and saw it on Face Book. Love it. You must check her out. I know you wont be disappointed.
I'm sure some of the items on my list will be repeat what she had on hers. But it is fun to make a list of things that are important to you to share. You see this is important to me as I am giving these pages one day to my family. My oldest grandson asked me once to make a book of my writings and things important to me. He has some idea this is being made. But like most young adults I think they sometimes forget that we do remember what they ask and what is important. So this makes a wonderful sharing story for my family. (One Day!)

1. That Jesus is the reason for the season
2. That its not whats wrapped under the tree; but whats wrapped up in our hearts everyday
3. That Christmas should be celebrated everyday in our lives not just one day
4. That we should love one another as God loves us
5. That giving is more fun than receiving 
5. That doing for those less fortunate than you is a blessing that fills both you and those whom you are blessing. Its never just a once a year act but one that continues year long.
6. Please, and Thank you; goes a long ways as does any act of courtesy and manners. It should be away of life. They are not old fashion
7. Smiles can change someones day even yours (Takes less muscles to smile than it does to frown, grandma said so!) 
8. Being with family and loved ones and hearing the stories of past is their history of who they are and where they came; its your history too. For you to pass on for future generations; take time and listen you may not get that chance again.
9. That over spending isn't Christmas but a trap to keep one in debt over the year. That three presents that represent the three wise men is more than sufficient. Or one representing the Lord as He was the true gift of life ever lasting. A Christmas stocking hang with care filled with treats and small items is a child's delight at any age. It truly doesn't matter how many presents are under the tree or how much was spent; but what the giver was giving from their heart. They took time to think of you. You meant something special to them. 
10. That singing Christmas songs even out of tune will bring joy to all around
11. Believing in Santa Claus is a joy and a gift for small and old a like; brings the child out in all of us
12. That it is a Merry Christmas and do not be ashamed to say it! Its okay what others
13. Sharing family tradition's and adding new ones is okay because you are building your own memories and stories to share to fit who you are.
14. Someone always get s the white elephant gift that creates that lasting memory..........laugh and enjoy! its the thought that counted
15. Invite someone to your home for the Christmas season that has no where to go. It gives them a home for Christmas and you the joy of sharing your home with someone who wouldn't have had a place to go other wise.
16. Writing a Christmas letter re-capping the year is fun. It brings a bit of you to them with laughter and love. A message to those far and near of the family happenings that they have missed out on.
17. Leaving cookies and milk for Santa is a must and don't forget the carrots for the reindeer
18. Its about creating the memories of love and family that are important not the hustle and bustle 
19. Driving to look at the Christmas lights is an event to be shared
20. A Charlie Brown tree or an elegant tree all have flaws but are perfect (You see to me it represents the flaws of us humans made perfect in Him through the first gift given on Christmas day the little Lord Jesus)
21. Never take Christmas down until after the epiphany
22. Remember celebrating Christmas is one day on the calendar but all year in your heart. Live daily and live it loud. Be the person that changes the world for Christ by celebrating it everyday of the year
23. Christmas is magically and just because you don't believe in the magic of Christmas doesn't mean others don't. Don't burst their bubble and ruin for others. Go with the flow and enjoy!
24. Classic Christmas movies, popcorn and hot chocolate. Yes they have a message and  "It is a wonderful life"!
25. Don't forget to slow down enjoy the celebration smell the roses and gifts along the path you may only pass this way once. Make it one to remember. He did it for you!

(I so could add so much more to this amazing list too!)

What can you add or what is your list of 25 things you would share with your children?

1 comment:

mare ball said...

if we could all remember these things. If we spent time on these issues rather than Santa and buying stuff...the world would be such a different place.