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Daily Journey

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 48

Fern Growing Shed

Campbell Park
December 4, 2013

Another brisk cold day in the PNW with gorgeous blue skies to enjoy a bit of a walk and take in the amazing beauty that is all around us.
I have taken photos of this old shed in the past. I may have even posted some here.
Today i noticed we have evergreen ferns growing upon the roof of the old shed.
It creates a interesting beauty upon the roof of the old shed.

Campbell Park
December 4, 2013
 I wanted to get a close up! But I had my hands full and I was so cold.
I was shivering as I was trying to hold the camera still to take these photos.
But I think you can tell that there are several ferns upon the roof growing.
I think it would be so cool if they covered the entire roof.
I'm sure if left alone and the building holds up that this will happened within a year or less.
Ferns grow crazy wild up here.

Campbell Park
December 4, 2013
 I took four photos and was hard to decide which ones to post. So I decided I would post all four of them and let you all decide which one or ones you enjoyed the most of the shed with growing fern upon its roof.
I love this one as you can really see the fern and the branches of the trees look like a bridge covering over the shed with that beautiful blue sky breaking through the branches.

Campbell Park
December 4, 2013
This scene looks like this could be sitting in any ones back yard. It actually is across the street about three blocks from the apartment where I have to walk to take my trash out. Then we walk the long drive into a recycle area and huge garbage bin all fenced in. I don't really feel safe here but will walk there in the daytime only. Sadly women have had horrible things happen to them here in the recent months. Very sad! I pray all the time healing and safety for all. It does give a very unusual beauty here with the shed and the growing ferns and branches stretching there arms out over the shed as bridge of protection. The crystal blue crisp sky of beauty peeking through the bare branches, The sun rays creating dancing shadows. I love finding beauty in the simple everyday things.

Do you love finding beauty in the unique and different places you go throughout your day?

1 comment:

Gilligan Maryanne said...

beautiful. thank you for sharing
we are at 30 with drizzle turning to sleet overnight, turning to full sleet and snow by morning