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Daily Journey

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 56

Evening Of Christmas Lights & Music

Grotto Portland Oregon
Christmas 2013
 A night filled with lights and the sounds of Christmas.
Singing and laughter of children young and old alike.
The joy and wonder of the story of the birth of our King and Savior told in lights.

Unistus Chamber Choir
Grotto Portland, Oregon
December 21, 2013
A warm place to rest and warm up as we enjoy some beautiful music of the season, inside the chapel.
A time of joy and reflections.
They have five groups singing this evening.
I had the pleasure of hearing two of the of the five groups sing. 
Cascade Harmony Choir was the other group I had the great pleasure of hearing sing as well this evening.

Grotto Lights
December 2013
 Some of the many lights of over 500,000.
 Lighting the evening sky with the beauty and magic;
 As you walked through the garden of lights listening to the sounds of Christmas all around you.

Nativity Scene Grotto
Portland, Oregon
December 2013
 A breathe taking life size Nativity.
The reason for the season.
Why I celebrate Christmas!
The birth of our King and Savior!
I remember coming here as a young girl.
They had a life size Nativity back then as well.
Somewhere in my many photos I have a picture of the original Nativity that was used here up until a few years ago. 

Prayer Trees
Christmas 2013
Every year they have prayer trees set up in the upper gift store. Hundreds and hundreds of prayers are placed upon these trees. They will be praying over each one. When you read some they just break your heart. Thank you that we know the heart of Jesus is to answer each one in His perfect will. I pray that each pray be meet and that those whom placed them there would feel the love of the Lord as He answers each one in His perfect timing.
 As always I add a few of my own to the tree of prayers. It seems I could make my own hundreds and hundreds of prayers. Thankfully I know the Lord knows each one and I know He is working on them all. 
I thank you Lord for answering these prayers wrote in love with hope hang with care. For each prayer request that is not hang but carried in our hearts. I thank you that you know and answer before we have even asked. 

Grotto Candles
December 2013

Candles lit win memory and for prayers.
Each with love burning brightly to the Father in heaven.
This evening I had the honor of lighting two candles with my friend Edie, who went to the grotto with me this evening. For friends and family and a loss of a life way to young taken from us yesterday December 20th on his way home from work. 
For health and healing and celebrating a loved ones live.
Cherished these lights burn as the light of the Son burns in us.
Thank you Lord for this night of celebration of lights, music, and prayers;
As we are reminded that your Son is the true gift to this dying world.

Does your town do special light shows set up during the Christmas season for the community to come enjoy and view?

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