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Daily Journey

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 44


My Thankful for day 29 is getting off early from work and heading to my sisters for the weekend. Enjoying the Twilight Christmas Parade and time with family. Love the time I have with them. Huge blessings having my sisters live close once again.

A Twilight Christmas Parade

A drive down to where my sisters live in the The Dalles, Oregon about an hour away.
A quaint little town where we grew up for most of our growing years; in between all the traveling cris~crossing across America. Dad was in the military so we had the pleasure of living in many places in this great nation of ours while he served his country.
But... this town is what I call home.
I was actual thinking about going down on Saturday but they suggested I come for the Twilight Christmas Parade. I don't think I had been to one or this one for sure since I was a child. 
Had an awesome time. So I will be sharing this series of photos from the Parade in celebration of the first weekend of festivities into the season.

Before the Parade we went out for dinner at a restaurant called the Clock Tower
It was a nice meal with my sister's my niece and her family along with one of my sister Christine's friends.
Then we walked down to the downtown area.
Which really isn't that far at all.
Small town you can walk in a blink of an eye.
Found a nice place to watch the Parade from.

We as well did walked the town and looked at the window dressing for the Christmas season as well.
Actually was kind a sad for me in that aspect as so many stores in the downtown area are gone and nothing but empty buildings left, where many business's once thrived. 

We were bundled up for warmth. It was pretty darn chilly out. No snow or rain but surely cold.
I had my down jacket on along with ear warmers and gloves. I even had a hat and scarf on as well to stay toasty warm. I was wishing I had long johns like my sister Christine had on. I will have to get some and next time I go for a Winter Parade or a Winter outdoors event I should be ready for it. 

They had some great old vehicle's in the Parade decorated beautifully!

Funny how Parades can bring out the kid in you. 
Of course going home where you grew up brings out a rushing flood of memories as well. Its always a mix can of interesting emotions that surface up.

When I left this quaint little town I never wanted to come back. Funny I was always telling everyone about this quaint little town called the The Dalles in Oregon on the Columbia River. I guess I really did miss this place more than I thought over the years.

Christmas is my favorite holiday and Summer my favorite season.
I somehow wish the two could be combined somehow.
But.....I do love the Glistening of the Winter wonderland of lights.
Which somehow I have a hard time imagining in the Summer.

I love that I got to go to this Parade with my sisters. Such a wonderful way to start the month of December.

They even had the horses decorated in Christmas spirit in lights as well.

Even the Grinch found his way to this quaint sweet town. I don't think they will let him steal Christmas or the Christmas spirit here.

Love how even the big rigs got into the action with their reindeer lights and cheer.

I think this is a huge rector set!

Ronald McDonald even came for the Parade. 

A Shiny beauty ringing in the Christmas cheer

My youngest grandson would have gone nuts over all the fires trucks coming through on the Twilight Christmas Parade. He loves fire trucks and they had many dressed for the evening trimmed in lights. Representing many generations of fire trucks and engines. So I took plenty of photos to share with my little man Brendeen, our future fire fighter.

They really had a nice display of fire trucks and engines

You would think standing in the cold would make me tried and sleep well after our evening out.! I still struggled to get some sleep. I was thinking all that cold fresh air would have helped me relax. It did do that and it made me jolly happy as a child as I anticipate the arrival of Santa.

I think many of the older children of a defined age where having just as much if not more fun than the little ones. I know I sure was!

The little ones chasing after the candy being tossed out. I know my sisters and niece where helping my two great nephews. I'm sure they went home with a bag full of candy from this Parade.

I know I took lots of photos of the fire trucks that is what I do for my little man. He so loves them. It is funny he wont even see them more than likely unless his mom shows them to him. But I saw all of them and thought of my Brendeen. 

Then finally the long awaited and anticipate Santa arrives with his eight tiny reindeer.

Santa's sleigh is beautiful!

Just wish I could have gotten a better picture of Santa

A little wave and on his way to rest before he meets all the boys and girls to receive their Christmas list 

Thank you for coming along on this little Christmas Parade with me along with some of my memories.
May you have a beautiful fun filled joyous Christmas season filled with the promise of love in our Savior.

Do you enjoy Parades and going to them no matter the season or weather?

1 comment:

Gilligan Maryanne said...

thank you for sharing the parade with us blessings. It is sad to say here they have the Light Parade, I am so sick of the you can't do this and that....

They are having 2 parades one Christmas and one light

thanks again bethe hugs