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Daily Journey

Friday, December 27, 2013

Photo A DAY

DAY 59

Rockin' Snowmen

Jazzy Bagels
Display case
Gresham, Oregon
December 26, 2013
Yesterday I meet up with the girls for some coffee, bagels and some shopping.
What a great day it was too!
As many of you know I have a snowman affair and a collection of them.
This was in the display case at Jazzy Bagels here in Gresham.
I just fell in love with this limo and snowman display.
I was trying to figure out how i could own him
There were actually several snowman throughout the day I ran across that I would have loved to have.
But I did behave a little bit.

Snowman Affair!
As you see I didn't come home empty handed.
The cute little blue and white snowman was found in the thrift store and my dear sweet friend Edie purchased him for me. I can put a photo on him.
The red and white guy I got at the antique store. He is vintage and I had to have him. I wasn't leaving without this one.
He was a bargain at that too.
So yes! Two more to the snowman family at our house. 
I wanted to buy more but .....I did refrain from purchasing any others.
There was one I would have bought had he been for sale. But he was a window display.
I wish I had taken a photo of him. 
He was gorgeous!
I have been having fun with the snowmen this year.
I'm really not wanting to put them away when time comes around.
I may leave a few out this year. 

Do you have a hard time refraining from purchasing additions to your collections?

1 comment:

Gilligan Maryanne said...

love the snowmen :) I like the one in the window!! way cool

I have been keeping my out for you, but haven't seen any that I like they look almost fake to say

HUGS n Blessings