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Daily Journey

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Three Word Wednesday

Highlight, noun: An outstanding part of an event or period of time; verb: Pick out and emphasize; make visually prominent.

Instruct, verb: [Reporting verb] direct or command someone to do something, especially as an official order; [with object and; [with object] teach (someone) a subject or skill; [with object] Lawgive a person direction, information, or authorization, in particular; (of a judge) give information, especially clarification of legal principles, to (a jury); inform (someone) of a fact or situation.

Submit, verb: [no object] accept or yield to a superior force or to the authority or will of another person; (submit oneself) consent to undergo a certain treatment; [with object] subject to a particular process, treatment, or condition; present (a proposal, application, or other document) to a person or body for consideration or judgment; suggest; argue. 

If I had only listened
When I was young
I would not have toiled
Had I submitted 
To the one that first loved me
All instruction was perfectly highlighted
To submit 
If I had payed attention
It would have caused less pain
Each year comes and goes
With each passing day
Each highlight
A new gift
To instruct
Each coming generation
So that they may not 
Have the pain
Nor toil
If they choose to listen
To the instruction
That is highlighted
For submission


Are you a good listener and follow instruction well?

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