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Daily Journey

Monday, December 16, 2013

Photo A Day

DAY 53

Looking for Christmas

Old Town St. Petersburg, Florida
December 2013
 I was having a grand time in Florida. Though I must say I was truly on the hunt for Christmas.
I loved walking down this area of old town in St. Petersburg. The streets were decorated and so were the windows as well. I found this antique store the most festive little place. I loved looking at all the fun old decorations of days of old along with how they detailed every area of this shop. The store clerk told me his wife and daughter did all the work themselves in here. Hope you enjoy the festive photos as much as I enjoyed being inside looking at all the decor. 

Antique Store In St. Petersburg, Florida
December 2013
Look a Snowman tree! 
What is better than that? 
I love snowmen so this was a perfect find.
 Love all the old toys under the tree. How each item is placed with great detail to display the joy of Christmas. 
I love the nostalgia of this store and how they took in each piece and placed it with loving care with detail to the time period they were depicting in each scene. Even the detail of the cat laying by the fireplace sleeping and keeping warm.

Antique Store St. Petersburg, Florida
December 2013
 I love this Santa!
This scene brings warmth and love of the Christmas season to live.
Just makes you want to crawl inside and stay awhile and take it all in each and every detail of the scene.

Antique Store St. Petersburg, Florida
December 2013
As sugar plums danced in their heads!
I love this warm child's room! 
A delight for any child to come and play. 
Each toy placed with care ready for the imagination to play all day.
A warm bed ready for any small child to sleep tight and dream of Santa and all the presents under the Christmas tree.
As mommy kisses Santa Claus!

To you decorate your house in themes for Christmas? Colors? How?

1 comment:

Gilligan Maryanne said...

this is beautiful, thank you for sharing.
Things got hectic with me but am back now...hugs