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My journey through my day and my life with its andotes and life lessons of the day. The gifts and blessing of those people the Lord has surrounded me with along with the many treasure's He has left for me to open and enjoy along the way. My walk with my Lord and Savior, Prayers, Work, Play. Pictures of the gifts and blessing. My journey through life and how it has strengthened, blessed me or............

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Daily Journey

Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Joy Dare

November Joy Dare

Day 1~ 3 Gifts eaten
1) My yummy dinner tonight could possible cover all three I had deer meat mashed herb potatoes and baby sweet corn. 
2) My lunch was good too I had pastrami sandwich on swirl rye bread and sun potato chips sliced pickles and a slice of cherry pie. Yummy in the tummy!
3) And of course the wonderful trick or treat candy that didn't get given out. Oh lots of yummy chocolate!!! All for me to enjoy!

November Joy Dare
Day 2~ 3 Gifts worn
1) Mary McCormick Loomis nice warm black jacket today when I caught a chill. So thankful for that jacket today. Thank you for letting me warp up in your warm jacket Mary!
2) My little brown Dansko's. Still breaking this pair in. But they are nice to wear with great support.
3) My eyeglasses. So I can see and enjoy the beauty surrounding me.

November Joy Dare
Day 3~ 3 Gifts that start with "N"
1) The noise of of noisy bird Hancho!!! Yes! Today is the noise that I actually am enjoying from her. And anyone who knows I usually don't!
2) Notes found while I was cleaning out my money bag from clients and their families thanking me for my service and how I make them feel. What a blessing they are. So glad I went through that bag. It is a reminder of why I love what I do!
3) And of course the nap is a blessing as the time has changed and my body no matter what direction it goes takes a bit to find its balance. So the nap I take in the afternoon.

November Joy Dare

Day 4~ A gift gathered, given, good
my gathered gift would be the gathering of friends to have a Thirty-One party on line. What fun! Come join along look for my name
I will get credit and I am aiming for something for my business so thank you for helping!
Given would I helped a friend out today and she went home with smiles on her face. That always makes me happy! Thank you Melissa Anderson for allowing me to help you out.
Good would be the wonderful soup I made for dinner that I started yesterday. Thank you to Lara Hurst for her help in making it possible for me to serve a yummy meal. Your recipe rocked! Defiantly a good meal indeed!

November Joy Dare
Day 5~ 3 Gifts acorn-small
1) The sweet little Claire that I did a haircut on today. She truly is acorn small and just wants to be in her room. When she said she loved me it brought the biggest small to my face. 
2) Found stamps in my money bag I forgot I had. A wonderful find and some saving besides. Sweet!
3) The quarters to do my towels and laundry! Thank you Lord they are done till Thursday at least the towels are. Love those quarters.
What are your acorn-small gifts?

November Joy Dare
Day 6~ 3 Gifts in government
So okay this one isn't an easy one for me at all as I am truly unhappy with our government. So it is funny though as my daughter recently told me I needed to find something happy about it so this should make her smile as I search out three happy things in my government. 
1) It is set up as a Democracy! 
2) It is "We the people......."
3) The Constitution that is set to protect "We the people....."
Not sure that is what is meant by this one...But I'm going with this. 
What are your three gifts in government?

November Joy Dare
Day 7~ 3 Gifts from your window
1) Most defiantly the rain that has come down in cats and dogs today! I had to run from car to work door. But am so grateful I could watch the rain from the warmth of an indoor window and I didn't have to work outside in it. 
2) Not that you can see wind ....but the results of the wind blowing in the rain. The trees waving and the leafs blowing about and whirling around on the ground in the glistening rain of the down pour. As the clouds glide swiftly across the gray sky line.
3) The cars and buildings across the lot into the parking lot of my window that views a large green space into a neighboring parking lot and the view of other apartments. Which your wondering what is the blessing; it is that I can see across the way with the eyes the Lord has blessed me with. Thank you Jesus!

November Joy Dare
Day 8~ A gift sweet, salty, sipped
Sweet Halloween candy that I snacked on since it was in the house. I always seem to buy the yummy chocolate!
The salty salt of the seasoning that I put on the very bland calm chowder soup I had for lunch today at Parkview. Very thankful for the salt!
The hot teas I sipped this evening at dinner time. It was so very yummy!

November Joy Dare
Day 9~ 3 Gifts harvest 

Not sure how I'm going to answer these ones. I haven't done much harvesting this week or today. 

1) I think for me today; I actually am going to say with the late Fall that I have truly enjoyed sleeping in today and just vegging. So I feel like I harvested some well deserved rest.
2) The wonderful jar of Peppered Jelly I purchased this evening, Lemon Basil. Thank you Rose City Pepperheads via Mary McCormick Loomis!
3) When at market I picked up some yummy tasting apples and banana's. My fresh fruit harvest.

November Joy Dare
Day 10~ 3 Gifts found in bible reading
1) That the Lord is my refuge
2) He is my healer
3)He is the door of my everlasting salvation!

November Joy Dare

Day 11~ 3 Gifts of remembrance
1) The freedoms we so richly enjoy because of those who have served this country proudly! I salute you all past present and future!
2) The joys of holding loved ones close
3) Honoring those who have given much and serve without thought to the pay check they hold everyday in their hand their life for the freedoms of others around the world for they know what they have and give for others to enjoy! Thank you!

November Joy Dare
Day 12~ 3 Gifts at Noon
1) Cleaning the salon up and putting things away
2) Prayerfully re-scheduling appointments that didn't hold
3) Home early and laundry done for the next day at the salon

November Joy Dare

Day 13~ 3 Gifts behind a door

I'm laughing so hard as my mind goes in so many places with this one. As there is so many wonderful and crazy things we can find behind a door. Hope you come along and share your three on this one! 

1) Smiling visitors coming to sit awhile to brighten the day

2) My bedroom hidden with all kinds of amazing things hidden in every corner of the room. Its Christmas everyday in there!

3) The little mailbox door that holds a host of mailings for me to find. Bills, that I have to pay, The awesome junk mail, Letters of love and thanks, Money coming from a job well done, Magazines for me to share, packages from far and near, Oh how I do love this door! I do so love to open this door I do!

What are your three doors and gifts?

November Joy Dare
Day 14~ 3 Gifts silent
1) My prayers that are said in silent and then answered with so much love and in such amazing and timely fashion. I never know why I worry so...The Lord never fails me.
2) The silence of the house when i come home from a long day at work. Love the peace and quiet.
3) The silence of deep thought.....

November Joy Dare
Day 15~ 3 Gifts Golden
Laughing as I have been in a strange mood after chocolate candy!!!
1) The golden sweet taste of the caramel wrapped around the wonderful chocolate melting in my mouth
2) Golden friendships that last through a life time through the miles and living life. Truly a golden treasure
2) The golden years of my life! Though I truly believe I have just begun. So I'm not sure why they call them golden....But...Hey....Maybe there is something I don't know yet! So my golden years!!!

November Joy Dare
Day 16~ 3 Gifts hard eucharisteo
I know I have plenty of these from the last few days LOL
1) That I have money...hard earned and even though the bank has messed up that ultimately the Lord is in control and will find it and it will be in my favor in Jesus name.
2) That sometimes doing what we want and not being able to opens the doors for other opportunities that are more benefiting to us.
3) Being still and letting God be God instead of me trying to control everything.......

November joy Dare
Day 17~ 3 Gifts of laughter
1) The laughter and sounds of the bar today were very funny to me
2) Signs that made me laugh at their wordings
3) Laughter with friends

November joy Dare
Day 18~ A gift made, shared, passed on
Oh fun! Finding the these today is going to be fun indeed....
My gift made will be my bed... always nice to have a made bed
Shared is the love of a very special lady name Sandra whom I got to spend time with and cut her hair today. Thank you Lord for that precious time with her.
Passed on would be beautiful big smiles. Love those......... 

November Joy Dare
Day 19~ 3 Gifts Autumn 
1) The rain and the wind that is so apart of the Oregon weather here. It helps keep us green and the lakes and rivers full. Mountains with snow and all that is late Fall.
2) All the Fall colors on the ground and what is left on the trees. Reds, greens, yellow, oranges, burnt browns. So many colors in so many shades as they cover the ground in the elegant beauty.
3) The geese and the ducks over head as they fly south for the Winter. Love watching then and hearing them as they say goodbye to us here in the PNW for warmer weather south.

November Joy Dare
Day 20~ 3 Gifts of traditions
I'm giggling on this one as we are trying to find our new traditions as we have gotten older and children live far away....we are trying out new things to make as your new traditions.  Okay so .....Here we go
1) Went to Costco today to pick up part of our new tradition for Thanksgiving dinner. We will be having lasagna with salad and french bread. Still have to pick up more items for our new Thanksgiving tradition meal. But...we will enjoy it!
2) Ordering our gifts for each other before the Christmas rush is on. Even though we may know what we are getting we wrap it and place it under the tree for Christmas morning.
3) Fall and Winter I love sitting and having hot tea in the evening while watching TV (Not sure that's a tradition. But I sure love having my tea in the evenings.)

November Joy Dare
Day 21~ 3 Gifts family
1) Time spent sharing the days adventures and journeys of the day with one another
2) Pictures shared from my oldest daughter Heather that she called a throw back Thursday of her and my oldest grandson Anthony DeSouza. Puts huge smiles on my face. 
3) Having a family that loves me!

November Joy Dare
Day 22~ A gift grateful
That the Lord blessed me with extra work today at the salon. That even though I was in a great deal of pain He sustained me and I made it through the day. Thank you Jesus for your healing balm!

November joy Dare
Day 23~ 3 Gifts in Christ 
1) The body of Christ 
2) His provision
3) His eternal love for me

November Joy Dare
Day 24~ 3 Gifts humble
1) By the generosity of the body of Christ and those that love me and my family
2) Being able to help a friend pack and clean for their big move (Then they paid me for it! WOW! I just wanted to help. Then they gifted me. Just blessed to help then blessed because this will help with up coming trip!) Thank you Jesus!
3) How full my heart is with the love of so many that pour into me through words of love encouragement, prayers and time to up lift me just because..........Thank you all! You enrich my life daily 

November Joy Dare

Day 25~ 3 Gifts Ugly-beautiful
I so laugh over this one ....but ....puts a huge smile on my face!
1) I think letting go is surely an ugly that turns beautiful. Letting go for sure.
2) Some good-byes are extremely hard and can get pretty darn ugly ...but can turn into rich beauty. So good-bye
3) Learning new traditions can be ugly at first as you try them out and can become very beautiful in the end making amazing memories. 
Whewwwwwwwww.............I made it through with laughter even! What are yours?

November Joy Dare
Day 26~ 3 Gifts preparing
LOL I know we all are preparing for something in a few days!
1) Today make the ladies beautiful for Thanksgiving day. Preparing them for pick for time with their families.
2) Finishing up some more shopping for more food for the Big Thanksgiving day festivities.
3) Trying to get house work and other chores done so the house and everything will look nice for Thanksgiving Day

November Joy Dare
Day 27~ A gift handmade, held, happy
My handmade gift is the warm quilt I sleep with every night. I love that quilt!
Held gift is the love I hold for family and friends. Thank you Jesus for each one.
Happy is the smiles I see everyday from the ladies when they leave my salon. Makes me happy too! Thank you Lord for giving me this talent to make others and look and feel good.

November Joy Dare
Day 28~ 3 Gifts in community
1) For those who work and serve our communities in protecting them and serving them daily
2) Those that serve those that wouldn't have a place to go on Thanksgiving Day I thank them for their amazing service to those less fortunate then themselves
3) For those who reach out and bring joy to others that are hurting and help them make it through one more day. Bringing them a smile and a slice of hope with prayers and encouragement

November Joy Dare 
Day 29 ~ 3 Gifts red
1) The reds lights beaming in the Twilight Christmas Parade (Beautiful)
2) The shed blood of our Lord Jesus 
3) Santa in his red suit waving to all the boys and girls in his sleigh coming to town in the Parade.

November Joy Dare

Day 30~ 3 Gifts astonishing
1) The beauty in even grey skies
2) My sisters and how funny they are and the joy they bring into my life. I love them so much. Thank you Lord for blessing me with them.
3) Shopping with my sisters is always astonishing to me. (They do not believe in buyers regret)

What are your November Joy Dare response's?

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