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Daily Journey

Sunday, January 9, 2011

All Put Away Until Next Year

Another chance to say goodbye to last year and hello to this one. Today was the day I took down Christmas. It was time to put it all away until next year.
Remembering each special event and what made this Christmas season special and wonderful to hold tightly in our hearts. The memories we will cherish and the hopes that we hold onto. The loved shared. The new adventures ahead.

It always seems like more work putting it all away then putting it up for some strange reason. Its taking it down. Then out to the garage to pull out all the storage containers and Christmas boxes to put all those ornaments away where they belong until next year.

Goodnight twinkle lights

Putting each piece away to protect it in its own special box and wrapping so that it will make it until next year again to come out to shine its bright shiny lights upon us once again. Then taking it all out and finding that special home for it so it wont get crushed and broken in the garage that looks like Figermegees closet.
So careful we wrap and box each piece into its own protective home until next year. Each piece all put away so that it can be used once again to make new memories to cherish and hopes to hold onto too.

So as each piece is boxed up and the memories put away I ponder what this year will bring and what hopes and memories will be made through out this coming year until we bring out each box of Christmas decorations once again at the end of this new year. So as we put the tree away the decorations in their boxes I now have said goodbye yet to another Christmas of love wonder and hope. May this year be filled with many more hopes and dreams to be filled as the wonder of Christmas is tucked tightly away until next year.
Amazing how many new box's of Christmas appeared as we put it away. It seems to grow every year no matter how I try to condense it down. So how many box's or new ones appear when you put away?

All ready to go!

1 comment:

Reena said...

I just started putting my decorations away too! Guess we're on the same track today.
Hey, did you see my new website yet? Check it out... So much fun and sooo much to learn! There are all kinds of ideas we'll get to share with each other. C-ya soon!:)