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Daily Journey

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Brisk Morning Walk

Yes mommy I do know where I am going!
Come on I'm really not that old and I can still go for walks and I do know where I want to go!

Follow me I do know the way! I haven't forgotten; my mind is still in tact.

What are we waiting for? Not more pictures? REALLY?

Lets walk! Enjoy the beauty of the morning and the brisk crisp air!

Mom! Isn't the wind great!? It smells wonderful too me! Lets step a little faster to find out where all those wonderful scents are blowing in from.
Lets hurry! Someone might find them before us!

This is the way that other people have gone. See I told you I knew the way and I would find all those wonderful scents that the wind is blowing around.
So much to see and smell! I'm so glad you decided to take me for this walk this morning.
I'm having so much fun! Can we take more walks mom? I love this cold brisk crisp mornings with the high winds blowing all those wonderful scents around. Don't you mom? I'm really not that old. I'm only 14 and I feel like I'm 7. I love you mom for taking me on this wonderful walk this morning you are the Best Ever!See I told you I would find the way. Follow the shadows and they will lead you just like in Peter Pan.See I see the gates going towards home. See them mom? We are not far now! 
Home curled up from my long morning walk.
Time to sleep and dream of all those wonderful sights and scents the wind was blowing around.


I can hardly wait till the next walk. We will have so mcuh fun finding all those wonderful scents that I love to follow.


Sandy McCollum said...

AWw, how cute!! Good entry! May God bless you CK!

Reena said...

Your blog is so uplifting! I always enjoy your posts:)
I've been trying to put together a blog as well. My pen name is Reena. I'll give you a link pretty soon.
Love you a bunch!