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Daily Journey

Thursday, January 13, 2011

CK-Basket of Toys and Never Enough

Even in old age one loves toys. Just as a child lights up when they have received that new toy they have been eying. An adult with the new tech toy they have been ogling for the past six months. It doesn't matter if you are 1 or 99. Toys bring smiles and joy of laughter to ones face. The toys just change and price tags larger.

They're ALL mine!

And ALL those too are mine!

Even to an old dog who loves her toys. There never seems to be enough toys. They start out with a few chewy toys and they grow in leaps and bounds. As you try and save your house from the chewing puppy jaw. They just seem to appear from nowhere. The basket of toys grows day by day from the first one to an over flow. From the new puppy brought home to the old gal she is becoming. Toys are never enough for a dog.
We love toys big and small. Odd character's and ones that changelings us to us our brain power. Even in the dog world they make many toys that represent the human world of toys. Ones that train and educate, help with teething durning the tooth cutting and puppy antics that cause them to chew and gnaw on everything in sight. So...out comes the "Kong" and other wonderful chew toys to prevent the destruction of the house. You can find toys to keep their minds busy and trying to figure out the trick of getting those yummy cookies and peanut butter outta that toy! To toys for training in the field for hunting, agility and showing them in the ring in every arena you can imagine or dream. From one toy for teething and playing to training and keeping their minds busy. Toys that will entertain for hours and hours from the 3 month old puppy to the old dog that you cannot teach new tricks too, in old age.

Does your pet have more toys then your kids or you?

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