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Daily Journey

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Colors of Life

The colors of life
They start out so wee and small
Our colors of our life
Are started in the loving arms of our parents!
Filled with their dreams and hopes for us
Through the colors of life
They have dreams and hopes for us
We start out
As babes in arms
Cuddled and adored
By all who come by
The color of life
It begins to grow
With each new day
As we toddle across the floor
Amazed how BIG our world is!
Our colors of life seem bright and many
How are we to even know how truly
Big and bright our world is!
The colors of life
As we trot right into preschool years
Amazed that their are so many others like ME!
The colors of life
Are soon learned in the friendships found in our classrooms
Filled with ABC's and 123's and make believe
Then the colors of our life
Change into our Kindergarten of life
Where we learn all we need to live a life of wonder
In the many colors of life
Then we walk with wide eyes into grade school
Ready to run in the world of wonder and color
That is all before us
As we grow and see all there is
In the bright shiny world
In the colors of life
We fast approach middle school with aw and wonder
Ready to embrace it all
Thinking we know it All!
With the adventures of coming of age
Viewing all the colors of life
In a new view through eyes of wonder and fulfillment to come
Rushing in to High school
Knowing we have the world by our hands
That every color really must belong to ME!
Knowing the world of color is at my feet
Catching each piece as quickly as I can
Galloping into College with hopes and dreams
With the colors of life before me
I can be all that I can be and more
As I catch each color of life
As man and wife
Seeing the world at hand
And all the many colors of life
As family grows
With many friends to share the joy
In the colors of life
New hopes new joys
Of growing old
through the years of
Many colors of life
We gently enter into each decade
With new wonders of the colors of life
Gracefully we enter into a new fulfillment
As we watch our loved ones grow and experience
The wonders and colors of life
We once so enjoyed so fully
As ours edge slowly away on the sunset side of life
We see a new set of the colors of life before us
The joys, the sorrows, the happiness, the tears, and the laughter
The tapestry of life
That was started the day we were born
As each new sunrise and each new sunset comes
We see the hand prints of love
The colors of life
That has been imprinted upon each day and life
That we have crossed
The colors of life
That we have left for another to find
In our tapestry of colors of life

What is your favorite color and season of life?

1 comment:

Katz78 said...

I can't choose between purple and blue because both are my favorites.