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Daily Journey

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Your Happy Voice

WOW! Is there such a thing as a happy voice?
Well apparently so!
Yes, we have away of letting people know what is going on sometimes in our life's without even letting them know; what really is going on just through the tones in our voices. Those tones can say so much through heartbreak and pure joy and happiness; the tones in our voices tell the true story of where we are in our lives and what we truly are feeling at that moment and time in our lives even when we don't want anyone to know anything!
Funny how that is. Imagine the excitement of a child and the shrills of pure joy and happiness. The blood curdling screeching of terror and fear and crying for that one thing that child wants so badly but cannot have. That is us all our lives. Showing our real feelings through our voice.
Yes! It is true as I found out this weekend. I didn't realize that I hadn't had my happy voice in a very long time. Tell someone very close to me said, "You know what I like?" I said, "No. What?" They told me they loved my happy voice that they hadn't heard in a very long time. Isn't that amazing! So even when I was trying to cover up I guess I wasn't doing so well. As I found out they could tell I hadn't had a happy voice in a long time. Well praying it is back to stay.

What makes you have a happy voice?

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