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Daily Journey

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finding What Works and the Venues That Help Bring In the Following

So much out there. I'm telling you I have had the most enjoyable day browsing the Internet of the blogging world. There is so much!
So much information it is overwhelming. The best part there are literally hundreds of people out there waiting and wanting to help you and support your blog ideas. They want  to connect you and your blog to a whole host of blogs and people from around the globe. The support lead generation from different sites is mind blogging.
There are Linky's, Communities and give aways along with games. I just cannot tell you all as I don't even come close to understanding it all as of yet! You must do this engine research and go form blog to blog yourself and have a grand old time as I did. You will be unexpectedly blessed in so many ways.
It is so full of rich and exciting information whether it is useful or useless, may very well depend on you and what you are in search of.  What your interest is and hobbies. There are so many ways to view the blogging community. The venues are endless. You can literally go from one page to another from one topic to another never hitting the same one twice. From one extreme to another. What you can dream of I'm sure is out there. No limitations on this dream land of blogging. You can find things that you didn't even know existed. Amazing it is!
It is so amazing out there in the blog world. Everyone so wants to help you be connected with those of like mind and interest of topics or helps. So full of information from the very informed to the uninformed. To the beauty of the day and excitement of the daily routine of life. From the ramblings of those like me to those who are focused and keyed in on a specific topic of helps. To sharing their gifts and talents to helping find resources to succeed. To just connecting to another person and sharing their thoughts and ideas. You name it its there for you.
The themes are endless! The information and fascinating people from all over the world. Places I have never heard of or things I have never thought about. Education, traveling, history, collections of every kind, from self help to ones daily journey like mine.
You can actually visit other countries right from your own computer room and home. I have traveled the globe this afternoon and seen many places. Places I would have never desired to see but have now thought how wonderful it would be to go there and visit. My bucket list of places to travel grew in one small afternoon around the globe through blogging.
I have saved money in ways I've never dreamed possible in coupon land. To visiting how others live in days gone by. Trying to guess who this person is; to finding the rightful family members to lost and old photos. It is surely an amazing world out there. Only your mind can limit you in the world of blogging.
You can learn about Our Father in heaven and how He has influenced ones life and changed it for the better; find prayers of love and hope. Coaching in every area of life you can think of. To support groups in life circumstances, being a military wife to learning to move your family from one country to another. Family planning, to raising a large family, homeschooling and oh so much more. Planning a marriage, to learning to cook. Such a wide range a of topics that it would never be able to be covered all by me I'm sure.
Oh the Venues of this blogging world of connecting and helping, linking and following supporting. Plus I'm sure a whole host of things I'm not even remembering or even touched or hit upon or maybe even found as of yet. What an amazing world trip I have taken in the comforts of my computer and home.
The blogging world connecting me to the realms outside my world and beyond. Places and things I have never ever dreamed or imagined. I'm so excited to be a part of this new world of connection and social net working. I will have so much fun finding my way around this new world. Making new friends, making my mark in this land of blogging and sharing around the globe. Marketing my gifts and talents to share with others. What a wonderful place in the safety of my home. Having fun blogging about my day and my adventures the Lord has gifted me with each new day.

What are your blogging adventures through the blog land?


Thisisme. said...

Gosh, you've certainly been busy out there in Blogland!! I love the little picture that accompanies this post. I'm afraid that I just blog each day and then read the blogs of my followers and make comments. As you get more and more followers, I find that it all takes up quite a lot of time. I have only been blogging since October, but have already met so many lovely, genuine people from all over the world.

Kirsty said...

Great report Bethe! And how very accurate!
I love it all too. I'm not at all considered a veteran blogger, I only started last year, but there is constantly new things to learn. :)