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Daily Journey

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Realizing I Need A New And Improved Camara

As I'm learning and reading and viewing so many beautiful blogs. I have realized that I have so very much to learn. But one item I'm sure I will need very soon is a new and improved camera. The photos that are taken out there and put on blogs are so stunning and beautiful. Mine seem to lack the beauty and lustre of those in other blogs.
Not that I'm complaining or not happy with my camera or the pictures I take and add to my blog. I think they are awesome for a rookie who is just learning the ropes. I admit to my amateur work but look forward to daily improvements in all areas of it. So I see the purchase of a much needed new and improved camera coming my way very soon.
Never to old to learn! School is never out for the pro; that resides inside of each of us. 
So to be successful and do well in any form of craft and art one must have the right learning tools and the tools to be a success.
One learns the art and finds out how it works. (Working on that.) Find those who are successful and follow them and their lead. Especially those whom are making a success at what you are wanting to learn. And those whom you are drawn too and have a kinder spirit too. Ask questions and be open to suggestions.
Be resourceful and find those items and tools to be a success in every area of life. It doesn't matter what skill or opportunity your wanting to learn there is always someone out there that has gone before you. Be willing and open to learn from those who have paved the way. Don't think your a know it all. Just because you have read and have the latest books for dummies and the web sites, CD's, DVD's. This doesn't mean you can do it. Don't be afraid to ask for HELP! Me screaming for HELP!
It takes time energy willing determination and the fortitude not to give up on the first and second tries. I read once that it can take up to 2,000 times before we get it right. That's right! That's success that comes with continued repetitive work once you have learned that formula that works for you. Keep getting up and brushing off your knees. Success comes to those who don't give up and keep trying till they get it. Success could be closer than you think. You may give up when your success is right around the corner. So get "UP" dust those knees off and "Go for it!"
Those that have gone before us have gotten up brushed off their knees and kept trying. Seeing their success as failure turned upside down until it came to them. They have had many more scraped knees and they have just gotten up more times. They just have been at it longer working each day to its fullest. Learning the technique to be a success at their skill and trade that they have chosen to learn and be a success at. Everyday as if this is going to be the day when success comes! Then one day they get up and walla success! This will be me! At this blog and the project of learning to set up a web page. Coming soon to you via a hht:/ Still in the works on that. Very excited but more learning to do on that little project. Coming soon in another blog.
I'm excite to say there is hope for the New and improved camera. BIGSMILEAs my birthday is just around the corner. I'm sure if I smile really pretty act especially nice and hold my breath maybe I might be able to up grade that old camera of mine for a newer one. So then I will have one more tool for this new skill and talent I'm trying to learn and be a success at. As I'm a firm believer that you are as good as the teacher and the tools on hand. So with that in mind I'm getting out my pretty smile and and praying for that new and improved camera for my birthday.

So what kind of camera do you use? And what kind of Camera do you suggest?

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