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Daily Journey

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Morning Path Walked

Time to check out a new path direction

I guess even for an old dog they get tired of going the same ol' way over and over again. So this morning CK lead us on a new path through the field in a whole new direction.
So we didn't go our true and tired way. We had to find a new morning path to walk and see if we could get to some of the same favorite places from this new direction and path.
Guess What? She did!
That good ol' sniffer of hers is in good shape and found us right where we usually end up in a whole new direction on the new morning path we walked today.

This smells really good here

Guess that old hunting nose of hers is still in good working order. We found lots of things to stop and smell along the way. They must of been wonderful scents as some we stopped at longer then others. I'm sure she was taking a mental note and cataloging it in her mind. As well as taking our time putting our scent along the way. To let everyone know there's a new girl in town on this new path.

I wonder if my friend has been by here?

We meet a couple of new friends along the way. Always exciting to meet new four legged friends out for the morning walk. So we had to stop and visit and check one another out and have a small bit of advice for each other.
So wish I talked bark and wag the tail. I can sometimes figure some of it out.... But not always. Then we said our goodbyes and headed out towards home.
It was a good morning. But as all things they must come to an end and here we greet our home door once again. Just in time for that morning nap.

Not much here mom

I think its time to head home mom

Another morning comes to a close.

Do you like to take different routes when you head to work or go to some your favorite spots in town?

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