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Daily Journey

Friday, January 14, 2011

Which Salon Do I Work?

I have been called to work in two other shops besides mine! Oh How to split ones self?
Salon crisis in double portion. Oh my Gosh! I don't know how to split self into thirds! Needed to work for three different salons. Two in two different locations of town. Three places at once! Actually only two as one salon could have moved to mine due to the location and the situation. As they are for the same place just one in independent living the other in assisted living. Not sure even super stylist can pull that one off.  
free hair cutting
What the Heck....... is going on! Ice from this past week has caused hairdresser's here to be injured. Not good! My wise decision this past week was to call in and say I was going to be arriving late due to ice. Thank goodness I did! As it appears that two stylist I know have ice related injures. Not good ones either for a stylist. Really no ice injure is ever good for anyone. But when one is a stylist and on her feet all day and setting hair. Arms over head YIKES! One injured her upper arm and shoulder. Maybe fractured not sure yet. The other stylist  who fall as well and she broke ribs punctured lung and broke a hip! Me Oh my oh! Thank goodness I had the for sight and wisdom to call and say no I will be arriving in late. Or who knows I could have been one of them. Thank you Jesus!
So I worked my salon and some ladies from across the street from the other salon contact me for appointments. Some were delighted to have me do their hair and make room for them or come in at a later date. Others didn't want to pay my prices. They couldn't seem to understand that I couldn't change my prices to accommodate them because my ladies who pay the higher prices wouldn't understand. But God is faithful!
Which means working more days. Which is perfectly fine for me. I love my job and the work I do!
So I didn't end up at the salon across town. Which is where I am suppose to start doing some fill work. But that didn't happen for obvious reasons.
So this coming week is up in the air on what I will be doing in the salon. Right now I'm looking at at least three days plus my Adult Foster Care Homes that I go to along with my Home care giving. Going to be an interesting week ahead. Thank you Lord for your extreme guidance and peace that surpass all understanding.

Lord we thank you for touching and healing these ladies who fall this past week durning the ice storm. We thank you that they are healed from the top of their heads to the very soles of their feet. Give them your strength and peace as they heal Lord. Thank you for directing each one of our paths and making it easy to be entreated in the weeks ahead. We thank you Lord for meeting each of our needs in your perfect will and design for our lives in Jesus name Amen

How is your Friday shaping up for you?

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