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Daily Journey

Friday, January 21, 2011

Long Long Week

Finally Friday is here! I'm so glad to see it come. It has been a very full few weeks.  In fact very very long week. With many more very long long weeks coming ahead. Looks like I will be working six days a week.
I have been helping out with two other hairdressers, one at her establishment and the other one is connected to the one I have. So I have been taking care of her over flow as they both have not been able to work. Looks like it will be a very full and busy year in hair. As I will be covering for some vacations and surgeys for the one salon. And they may have me coming in part time as well to build my own clientele. Very cool!
Business is looking up. Now to rescheduling some other appointments and re arranging them so I can get all of my work in and done. This means moving some of my Adult care homes to new days and my home care giving around a bit. I'm sure it will all work out. It will make for some very long long days and weeks ahead.
Oh me! Oh my! Oh what fun we are having!

Home spiral perm.

I feel so very blessed to have this problem. It will be so much fun. As I do love what I do. It is so rewarding to me. I find it to be such a blessing to be a service to others and making them feel and look as special as they really are.

Please enjoy the crazy photos from my collection. 



Yes! Id love a trim and some shaping with a little style Please.

So how is your work week finishing up?

1 comment:

Rosebud Collection said...

you know, I went to school for hairdressing..I remember the spiral perm very well..It is a fun job..When I moved to another state, I didn't keep at it.
Now I run around with a camera in perm rods..haha.
Will be happy to see spring..the camera is what is keeping me sane..I laugh at me standing on the deck, waiting to catch a drop from an icicle..I am sure the neighbors are wondering what I am doing.
Have a good weekend...xoxRosebud/Carolyn