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Daily Journey

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Something I've Out Grown and Why?

Okay! This week is going to be interesting and filled with strange things that I will be linking too as I grow in my blog endeavor here. To learn to write and just have fun on here with The Lady Bloggers Society.
These are the questions they presented us with today.
So here goes!
Something You've out grown?
Why do you think it happened?
I have out grown macaroni and cheese along with hot dogs. Mac & Cheese Hot Dog Skillet recipe
Not that I don't like them, I think my taste buds have grown from that stage of life.
I was craving them one night or so I thought. So I made this huge pot of macaroni and cheese and chopped up some hot dogs to go along with the macaroni cheese.
Bad! Very Bad mistake!
I was sadly disappointed by them as was my husband. I had heard that when you get older that our taste buds change. That there are just some things that sound good... but don't taste like when you where a kid. This was one of those times.
Oh yea! The whole pot was thrown away. Neither of us could stand them. Turned out it was good night to go out for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. One way to get taken out to dinner by hubby. Not suggesting anyone trys this as it could back fire. It just so happens he thought it might be good as well. Not! On both of our counts.  So off we went and had a wonderful meal.
So as you can imagine we no longer have mac and cheese or hot dogs around. Though we do like BBQ ed hot dogs as long as they are burned.

Have you ever found a food you thought you loved as a kid and found out later you didn't like it any longer?


Life according to Talia said...

I'm here from LBS. I like your blog and your post! The only thing I can say that I was obsessed with as a kid, but hate now, is milk. ICK! BUT as a kid, I hated a lot of stuff and now I can eat just about anything. I believe my palette has totally changed. I've gotten into a love for cooking & whipping things together even when there's basically nothing in the kitchen. Something I never wanted to do as a kid. lol

Thisisme. said...

I totally agree that our tastes change! With me, that even equates to wine as well. I am also anaphylactic which is quite worrying because I can suddenly become allergic to things that I have eaten all my life, so it is all very strange!