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Daily Journey

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Realizing Something Funny!

Well I thought I would do some researching on some of the social net works that I belong too but haven't used in a long time due to way too many changes and not being able to keep up with all the new changes and the tech world.
I thought I would see what all I had on myspace account that my nephew had set up for me about five years ago or so.
I had so much fun on it playing games and keeping in touch with my daughters in Sacramento, and getting to see updated photos of them. What fun that is!
Though with face book I went to the way side with my space account. Which I have had so much fun with in the past three years.
So in my researching I found some old writings and post that I had made on myspace. Not realizing that when I was typing and writing and putting fun facts and little finds on the page that I was actually blogging. AW! HA! So I will say I guess this isn't my first adventure at blogging!
Though I thought it was. It is my first at putting it publicly and allowing the world to hear my voice and read my funnies and not so funny life. Along with all of my an dotes and thoughts on life. I think though I have done a bit more research on blogging this time around as that was very private and only friends and family could read like a sharing of sorts. But really... I guess that is what blogging is all about and you are just sharing with a world stage instead.
My thought is All the world is my stage and I am the STAR!!! Enjoy the reading and have fun. I may re post some of my lost work that I have found on myspace and I might ask those who are friends and family to come join us here at lifesbeautynuggest a Daily Journey.

Have you any lost work on other blogs you didn't know about?

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