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Daily Journey

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

First Signs Of Snow

Lightly dancing down in the dusk of the evening air
Well the day has been very cold and a bit frosty here in the Pacific North West. Unlike the weather across the East and South which has been covered in snow. With more storms coming their way. They have been buried under the fluffy white stuff for sometime now with no signs of it letting up for them at all. They will have more feet than inches piling up on them over the evening and night hours. As well as for the next few days we will see more news coverage about them and the rare snow storms in the East and South, causing more cities and airports to close down due to weather conditions.
So as we watch across the country here in Oregon, as the states across the country are getting these crazy weather patterns forming, where the Arctic air is meeting the warm air and causing weather patterns that you would not normally see. But we as well will be experiencing some of the Arctic cold air and the warm air masses from the south in in the Pacific North West as well; as they meet causing us some interesting weather patterns here too.
With talk of closing down stretches of freeway due to danger of snow and black ice with freezing rain on top of it causing a skating ring for cars. Not safe for man or vehicle to be on.

Awaiting the dog days of Summer

We here have been awaiting its arrival in the Pacific North West for a month or more now. With weather temperature's dropping in the teens and twenty's, with an icy wind chill factors dropping it even more with the east winds down the Columbia Gorge. We are actually looking forward to the soft white cold cotton fluffy flakes from the sky coming to visit us.

Stepping lightly into the night

My theory is if its going to be this cold bring on the snow.
So as I visited with hubby on the phone early evening the snow flakes started to float down from the sky leaving a light blanket of snow upon the ground. The winds blowing making it a very icy chill in the air. As the first signs of snow makes it way to the valley floor here in the big city.
As the pretty white flakes turned into the shiny liquid of freezing rain making everything sleek and shiny across the ground. Making for those returning home from work a bit of a dicey drive. May the Lord be with them and keep a hedge of protection encamped about each one as they travel home to their loved ones.

Flakes slowly twirling downward

Unto the harden ground below

Finding its new home around the trunks and roots of Trees 

One lonely flake to the ground

As many more gather to cover the walk ahead

Snow flakes lightly covering the night walk

What is your weather like where you live?

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