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Daily Journey

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Mid Morning Walk

Time for a walk? I'm ready!

Saturday morning rolls around so quickly and never stays to long. It is like here I am! Hurry enjoy me before I disappear again until this time next week.
Saturdays are here long enough to give you a glimpse of heaven. Then they disappear much to quickly into the sunset of memories here and gone.
The sun was brightly shining when I thought it would be great for a nice mid morning walk after lounging and enjoying the cup of morning Joe in leisure.
So CK and I found our way out of the house for a beautiful Mid morning walk in the late Winter sunshine of mid January.
Ck leading the way in full stride into the field of beautiful scents of smells of her liking and choice. Stopping here and there as if she had all day to enjoy the beautiful day and the scents that filled the air.
She loves her mid morning walks and bugs us until we are out the door barking all the while telling us we are not moving fast enough to her liking. Then when we arrive to her destination of dog heaven and happiness she slows her pace down to an ol' lady crawl. As if to say; "Stop and smell the roses mom. Life is much to short to be in a hurry. Lets take our time and enjoy our mid morning walk. Nothing is that important that it cannot wait."

Smelling all the good scents that are here for me

Mom thank you for bringing me out once again in the wonderful field

This smells wonderful! Don't you think so?
 So as we move at a dogs pace enjoying the view and the beauty about us. We are getting some well needed fresh air, some exercise as well as enjoying the beauty God has graced us with each new day.

Eagerly awaiting each new adventure ahead

Okay! Its time to move on. I'm getting a little bored here.

It truly is a dogs world!

 Greeting each neighbor with a breathe of fresh air and excitement as if we had just meet the King himself.

Eagerly waiting to greet you

I'm so excited! A new friend approaches.

Taking in each minute of the mid morning walk. Savoring it until the next. Each one comes to a close much to quickly as the day suddenly disappears so does our mid morning walks.

Another walk is ending much too soon

We fast approach the end of the lead right to the front door. Alas every good thing must come to an end. So closes this mid morning walk once again.

Here we are home again home again....

So mom open the door! What are you waiting for?

Giving God the glory for this beautiful day and the walk we had. So it is now time for another nap. Meet you all in my dreams and my walks to come.

What a wonderful morning I had.! Thank you mom! I can hardly wait until the next mid morning walk!

What is your favorite thing on a Mid morning Saturday in January?


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