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Daily Journey

Monday, January 3, 2011

Monday- The First of Many in This New Year

"Do not complain because it is Monday, but praise God that you get to see another one."

Well we are off to a banging start. The day is already filled with many things to do. I'm searching for the nuggets of the first Monday of the new year. I'm excited to hear how my brother is doing. As he has been extremely ill. So awaiting great news on his recovery and when he will be allowed to come home.
Well I can tell you I did call down to the hospital and that is a very funny story. I called the room that I thought he was in and got some strange man that didn't know me and I didn't know him. We had this wonderful chat and he says "Who are you?" and I said "I'm your sister Beth of course; don't you remember me?" Then he said "I don't know you." I said "You don't? Way not?" Aren't you Don?" He said "NO! I'm not." I said "I'm so sorry I have called the wrong room." My husband and I laughed so hard all day after that. Though we did finally find out that my brother is doing fine and is stable. But still has a very long recovery ahead of him. Though I never did get to talk to him at all.
CK and I are waiting for the morning to warm up a bit today as the wind chill factor is around 15 this morning. Then we will head out for another brisk morning walk. Which she loves so much. Hubby ended up taking her for her morning walk so no adventures for her and I today.
My honey has today and tomorrow off. So .... He will be doing some R&R! I was hoping for some honey dos! But not likely!
Awaiting on the exterminator this morning hoping it wont be an all day event and wait. As I have a few appointments this afternoon. Which I'm actually looking forward too. Have my first MK delivery of the New Year. Two hair appointments at the adult Foster Care. That turned out to be only one instead of two.
So as we await the exterminator man I guess I should get some labeling down as well as a few other things that can be done in a short period of time. Well exterminator arrived around 12"30 and it was quick and easy a very painless. I actually picked up a potential new MK client as he doesn't have a consultant and loves the Men's Velocity

Many blessing to come
Only the best will flow forth
Nothing should be held back
Day after day the blessing flow forth
All for you to enjoy day after day
You only deserve the best blessing from above.

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