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Daily Journey

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pulling In the New Year With A Plan

As we are now in the New Year of 2011! There is always so much to do to close out and start the new year off.
Work is in abundance around this house with business's to be taken care of year end inventory.Closing out the books of 2010. Tax preparations.  Putting paper work in order; which I think are never ever fun! I try and hold off as long as I can.
I also find this is a good time to call in the resources and help! Hire or barter with those who want your services and you need theirs. I try to find those with the skills and the talents that I lack and really don't care to do. We all know someone who loves what we hate. Have them come help make a party out of it and get it done twice as fast. Then go see a movie or go out and celebrate!
The taking down of Christmas. Which in my house never takes place until the second week of January. We do the twelve days of Christmas after Christmas the Epiphany. Then its out to the garage to pull out all the tubs and putting everything where it belongs till next year. Then of course their are the new additions that  will need new homes a swell. So we will have to find a special tubs and storing buckets for them. Usually that means a few trips to the store to buy storage contains to store Christmas and any other strange things we find from the Christmas season.
Then this year it will be the cleaning out of unhealthy foods and sweets that we defiantly don't need. As we prepare to start going back on good eating habits as well as going back to the gym and exercising. So the body will be getting back in order as well.
It seems the first of the year is a good time to take inventory and stock not just in business and where you are financially and health wise, but in every aspect of your live as we forge ahead into the future with a new health out look and new beginnings with the new year.
Don't forget to check in spiritually where you are as well. It is a good time to have that check up with the Lord and find out where you need to work on some things and what areas of growth are in need of. Where and what He would have you step out in ministry as well. There are many needs in many areas. Find your interest your skill and desire and go out and make your mark and help make a difference in someones life small or large you will be blessed beyond your wildest dreams as you do so.

Get your date books out and fill them with all the important dates that you have through out the year that you don't want to forget. I find it a good time to chart out my work schedule as well for at least the first six months. Pencil in as this will give room for changes as each day will change according to the need of the time and season. But it does give you an over all view and what you have ahead in goal and planning for the future. Don't forget those office and kitchen calendars that give you a quick look for the month either. Each has a very distinct purpose. I use several kinds to help me stay on track. I find this site has a wonderful selection to choose from. The calendar is a wonderful tool to help you stay focus on time and knowing what you need to do when. The date and time calendar is wonderful for your appointments and scheduling of all those meetings, choir practices, doctors appointments etc.
Don't forget to plan out your fiances and where you are financially as well. This is also a great time to find out where you are setting in your finical goals and what you need to do to meet each one of them. Whether it is paying off bad debit. Planning ahead for the future whether it be college tuition's for the kiddos or your finical retirement. Get that chart out and plan it. Don't forget to put money away for a rainy day and have enough emergency  funds to last 6 months if you are able. Good finical planning will save you in the long run. It is never to late to start planning.

All this information can be found on many different sites and resources on the net, library they are out there to help you get started on any one of these many goals in taking stock and inventory of your life to get a great start on the New Year!

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