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Daily Journey

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blue Is

Blue is...........
Blue is the inviting ocean on a hot Summer's day
Blue is the dolphin that races through the Sea
Blue is the lighthouse on the rocks by the Sea
Blue is the sky on a Sunshine day
Blue is the Popsicle that I lick on all day
Blue is the blue jay that chirps away
Blue is the ribbon that ties my hair
Blue is the sail in the wind 
Blue is the clouds that float in the blue blue sky
Blue is the down jacket that keeps me warm
Blue is a cold winters day
Blue is the rolling thunder in the sky
Blue is the mittens on a white snowy day
Blue is the afghan made with hands of love
Blue is the blanket to keep me warm
Blue is the shiny gems of crystals that I wear on my hand
Blue is the first place ribbon won
Blue is the the smile of my little girls eyes
Blue is the flower that adorns her hair
Blue is the sundress that she wears
Blue is the light that shines brightly at night
Blue is the shadows upon the moon
Blue is the love song that longs for you
Blue is my ink that writes the love notes to you
Blue is my heart when it is far from you
Blue is..........

What is Blue to you?

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