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Daily Journey

Monday, January 10, 2011

The life and times of Football

Tonight is the "BIG" Ducks game! For all of you out there that may not be familiar with this team, it is a college football team out of Eugene Oregon. For those of the sports mind there is no introduction needed here. You know who the Ducks are. They are one of two big college teams here in the Pacific North West. It is a BIG 10 play off. Being played in Arizona against Auburn Tigers. It is a Bowl Championship Game.
You'd think it was a life and death situation the way one rants and raves and screams and carry's on. Like the whole world is coming to an end! Never mind that it is just a game and that it wont matter in ten years who won or lost. Just that for this night and this season it is a life and death situation re guarding the two teams that are playing in the bowl play offs.
It has always been very amazing to me how grown men who aren't even playing the game react to the TV when the game isn't going their way. Or the referees don't seem to call the play the way they saw it on the screen. You'd think they where fighting in a world war for their very life's. Or could it be.....Maybe..... it was their first born daughters date with the ill fated long haired hippy three blocks down the street from you that is a freak of nature or something near that effect.
View Full Size ImageAnd all will live through this night into the next. One way or another there will be a BIG WINNER and a BIG LOSER! There will be tears shed and cheers and roars of celebration will take place for one team while the other will have tears and drooped heads of sadness that they didn't take the championship home. Either way they are both winners they made it to the top in their  division and leagues. How could they not see that each one is a true winner and at the top of their game.
It has been working up to this big night for the past weeks for them and around here.
Sports news has been covering it like it was the event of the season.
Never mind the latest on the evening news or the local news either. This is the event of all events. The coverage has been across the miles and the states. Reporters having the hottest sits in town. Reporting that tickets are selling at ridiculous prices of 100's of 1000's of dollars are being spent for them and on memorable for this game. And this is what the promoters call a real touchdown!
celebrate touchdownNever mind that homes are being foreclosed as people loss their jobs at home. This is the event not to be missed by any sports minded rational football enthusiast. Next to the Super Bowl! Played by your professional football players in the NFL.
So the roaring must go on and the yelling at the TV screen even though the referees cannot hear you or the players when they aren't doing what you think they should. Not to mention you are the TV Head Coach and know ever play that should be played better than that of the Head Coach of the team playing on the field. Or worst yet; you cannot finish watching the game because you are afraid you will jinks your team and make a call or they will make a call you cannot agree with. YOU cannot fix it one way or the other. So instead of watching the game you are flipping over to another station to avoid the reality of the bowl game. Or you decide you can just maybe flip it back and forth from the war movie you have on and to the war of the football game to see where your team is at at this very moment. (Which war are we going to watch? The one going on through your mind? The one you know the ending too in the movie? Or the one that has you on the very edge of your seat of your pants?)  This is the Big question? All this to cause you to have a small heart attack of sorts as you try not to make your self sick because you know you can either play or coach or maybe even referee the game better than all of them out there playing.
Then as the game comes to an end. Your sure the game is fixed by the referees and that Guido was defiantly in the pockets of those players and coaches. So ends another season of College football. Auburn Tigers 22 Oregon Ducks 19. Ti's sad that the team the man wanted to win losses. Until next year this is what all the screaming and yelling is about until the Super Bowl game. And this is what grown intelligent man love to do.three point stance
So at the end of this night we now can go back to the classic "Frasier" programs. Then onto the latest "Castle" mysteries.
Used free clip art for the photos in this article.

Will you be watching the Super Bowl Game?

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Reena said...

Fun article Beth! Love the clipart!