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Daily Journey

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Candid Moments ~ Branches


March 3, 2014
I have been having fun with my camera lately.
Trying to take unusual photos that capture beauty and life in a different light.
It has been so pretty off and on the last few days between rain showers.
I run out and walk a bit and take the camera to take some photos.
I'm sure my neighbors and others think I'm nuts.
I really don't care.
I'm having fun and enjoying life.
The best part is I'm capturing it in my photo lens.
What a great life!

Not sure what I'm looking at here.
This was taken last year sometime at my sisters home.
I love going to visit them and spending time with them.
They have a lovely home about hour from here.
When I go down I usual spend the weekend with them.
I could come home.....But I love time with them.
I'm so blessed to have them live near me.
We didn't for so many years.
Now all of us live in the same state!
I still don't see them enough.
Brother live right down the road.
Sadly I don't hardly wee him at all.
Long story there.
Prayers need!
I miss and love him so much.
It is almost Friday and time to think about the weekend fun!
Though i must say I'm thinking how full tomorrow will be with all my beautiful ladies coming in to have their hair done.
They bring me such joy!
Hope your week has been filled with joy and happiness as your work week comes to a close.
Thank you for stopping by and spending time in my world with me.
Leave a comment as I love hearing from you.

Do you work a four day week or a five day week? Is it a Monday through Friday or does it change all the time?

Photo Challenge

March Photo Challenge
March 6~
TBT=Throwback Thursday
I know it is kinda funny to see a Christmas photo up this time of year.
In my world Christmas is everyday!
Though this was Christmas 1981.
I have been enjoying many old photos of my beautiful little girls that are now all grown and moms.
I am so super blessed to be there mom.
This photo is of Jeannie top left hand corner holding my baby girl Racheal; Lenita my niece, Standing next to her is my oldest daughter Heather, Santa holding my middle daughter Amber;
Young man in the photo is Clint and he is a cousin to my daughters.
Santa is Jeannie;s dad playing Santa!
He did this for years!
Wonderful memories to hold and Cherish.

"If two of you shall agree on shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven."
~Matthew 18:19
Father, forgive my little faith. Thank you for showing me that I have faith, I must prove it by my compassion.

March Joy Dare

Day 6
A gift bent, broken, beautiful
My bent gift is the hose I use to wash the ladies hair. It gets bent a lot and without it I couldn't do my work or make the ladies look as amazing as they already are.
Broken is the gift we receive when we release those broken toys, habits, children, relationships, business, burdens, whatever it is: over to the Lord so that He may repair them they way they should be! Perfect....... That's if we leave them were they should be with Him! 
Beautiful is the smile in the face of the ladies when they leave the shop feeling like they can conquer the world around them. The hugs of beauty with each one that gives the paycheck of the heart. I am truly blessed!

A Holy Experience

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