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Daily Journey

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Candid Moments~ Painted Sky

Painted Sky

March 25,2014
Coming home from Vancouver this evening crossing the Glen Jackson freeway coming back to Portland was this stunning rainbow. 
Sadly driving 75miles an hour is hard to get a great photo of the rainbow. 
It truly was much prettier than what you see in this photo.
The sky this evening was amazing once again.
The painted sky lately has been breathe taking.

March 25,2014
 After getting home I was greeted with yet more beautiful sites in the evening sky once again.
I had to drop everything i had to snap this photo.
I love the color and formations of the clouds.
The light breaking through the storm.
Much like how God breaks through our storms.
His perfect promise and the breaking of the storm bringing His perfect peace and calm.

March 25, 2014
Ready for the day and what lays ahead.
It was a quiet day at the beauty shop had one client today.
So headed home and then unloaded the car.
Then headed to the movies with a couple of girlfriends.
We did the movie scene today in two different theater houses.
First show we saw was "Divergent" It was excellent and much different than what I thought.
Second movie was "God's Not Dead" Super excellent.
They got the message across so well.
Truly enjoyed my day of movies.
Now this day is coming to a close and tomorrow is a new day.
Thank you for coming by and saying hello.
Please leave a note.

Do you enjoy going to the movie house or wait till they come out?

Photo Challenge

March Photo Challenge
March 25~ Your Favorite mug/and drink
My morning coffee is my favorite drink by far.
Then i also have to have my morning mix of coconut oil, honey, lemon, and cinnamon.

"God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes."
~Revelations 21:4
Dear Savior, help me to grow in your grace.....even when the tears are falling!

March Joy Dare

Day 25
A gift sung, written, painted
The gift sung would be all the wonderful music and songs sung in "God's Not Dead" movie! EXCELLENT!!!
Written would be the letter from the Circuit Court today dismissing my case and clearing my name. Yea! I don't have to go to court! I have the letter from the Judge himself! God is good!
Painted would be the beautiful sky tonight with the rainbow and the clouds...Amazing beauty lacing the sky this evening!

A Holy Experience

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