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Daily Journey

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Candid Moments~ Gutters


So exciting we are getting new gutters!
It is well over do!
We have had huge issues with the gutters for awhile now.
It is nice to see that they are replacing them.
The old ones had huge leaks that would cause gully washers.
The ferall spike nails were coming out.
I was so weird one would fall and hit our vehicles.

I even love the new color of the new gutters!

These young men working hard and replacing the gutters.
I thought they were doing a great job!
This was there second building today.
They started and finished up out building then started and I believe finished up the neighbors as well.

Looks like quite a job undertaking.
Not really sure how they got those long pieces of gutter up there.
All they had were short little ladders and I believe there was only three of them working.
Lots of hammering going on today!

That new gutter sure does look nice!

So nice to have new gutters.
Thank you management!

March 4, 2014
It has been a very unusual day.
I went to work to turn around and head home.
There was questions about clients.
Asking if I would lower my prices.
I cannot get them any lower and live.
Thank you Lord that I am worthy of hire and the money paid.
So today I worked on taxes.
Then did some praying.
Thank you for your prayers.
Please leave a comment love hearing from you.

Are you getting ready for Spring and all your outdoor activities?

Photo Challenge

March Photo Challenge
March 4~ Make me smile
My family and friends make me smile
This is just a small glimpse of love in my world.
Children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, great nephews, parents, grandparents, friends that are family.
What can be better.

"Ask, and it shall be given you;seek and ye shall find; knock, an it shall be opened unto you."
~Matthew 7:7
Lord, replace my insecurities and doubts with ever-increasing faith in your many promises.

March Joy Dare

Day 4
3 Gifts hard to give thanks for
1. Not having any work at the nursing home salon today. And that they thought I should cut my prices....... Thankful to be a blessing to each one.
2. Working on my taxes have four months done.
3. That through the tears and through the storm comes VICTORY! Even when I cannot see it!

A Holy Experience

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